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DDS on Twitter


For months I have been talking about Twitter in the office I work at  located in a basement in the center of Minneapolis on the East Bank of a campus.


today …..

together with my Dynamic Digital Signagepartners in crime Eric and Jade, we totally set up a Twitter account.  We will be using the HOTTEST social networking site for FAQs, Tips, marketing, etc, etc, etc.  Essentially, creating a dialogue with and amongst our clients as well as…well,  having a presence.  Its all about branding, someone somewhere once said.


Stay tuned




if that other place I worked at would jump on this wagon, all would be good.


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Embrace 2.0

If someone came up to me and said:  Hey, we don’t have any money, but we really need to boost the library’s presence and image.  Do you have any ideas?

I would say:







examples of libraries using Twitter: Hennipen County Library, Danbury Library and DC Public Library


examples of libraies using Flickr:   Lester Public Library,  Cape May County Library  and Hennepin County Library

This one thinks libraries need to be where our users are. 


Why not?

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Artist of the Week

I have recently been following MOMA on Twitter.  I really love what several art museums are doing with Twitter.  I hope that libraries catch on to the amazingness that  Twitter can bring.

Anyway… last week MOMA tweeted about artist Debra Hamptonwho is also on Twitter.  OMG, can you believe it?  I am fairly certain the world will never be the same now that Twitter has infiltrated and is broadening the world’s scope or at least my scope.








Debra Hampton’s website

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Converse, have you heard of them?

Your friend and mine, Rachel Maddow is featured in the newest Vogue.  See Link for article


She talks a tiny bit about Twitter!  Duh, she is totally in the know.

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Lets get it together

Michele Bachmann is Twittering, why aren’t you?

*Michele Bachmann hiding in the bushes at a GLBT rally*

*Michele Bachman making out with a Bush*

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Lets talk about Twitter more


From Canada to London:  How Twitter Opens (Conference) Doors

As Twitter matures and empowers people, users of the micro-blogger service are finding more ingenious ways to communicate. Twittering or sending tweets (updates) about conferences or live events, such as the Presidential debates, are gaining in popularity.  More

I challenge you all to try Twitter out if you have not yet already.  Here, I will make it easy for you.  Click on this Link  If you are feeling really adventurous, search for me, my handle is wrmarsolek

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Breaking News

sandentotten’s Twitter feed just informed me that today Scott Seekins “has made the official change from all white to all black for the winter.”

*image from MPLS/STPAUL magazine*

*image from Walker Art Center blog*

Thats it ladies and gentlemen, put those white pants and hand bags away.  Get out the peacoats and scarves.

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