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Another find, Dinkytown is loaded with character

On my walk to the office this afternoon I spotted this little guy:


There are little surprises all over the place.  We just need to be observant.  Spotting street art makes me so happy.  Freedom of expression, what a powerful thing.

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Gonzo sighting near 55455

This morning while I was on my way to Williamson Hall on the beautiful U of M campus, I spotted new street art.  Earlier this summer, Byrneme and I saw a Hunter S Thompson documentary, Gonzo:  the Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at the Lagoon.  The film discussed a sculpture that had been erected in honor of HST that was like a bajillion feet tall (153 feet) in the shape of a double thumbed fist with a peyote button in the middle.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe HST had designed that sculpture himself and which later is ashes were shot from.

Anyway, the new street art is of the double thumbed fist and peyote button.  Can you even believe it.  Yikes.


There is something really powerful about street art.  Street artists take great risks to see their work made public.  I also really like that you never know when they will appear or how long they will stay.  Temporary masterpieces.

A couple of other street artifacts I have seen on campus the last week or so:



The three of these were found in a one block radius in Dinkytown.


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Uh Huh Her videos from the Varsity Theater, Dinkytown

Finally, after so many hours of being sucked into YouTube, I now have posted videos.  Immediatly after uploading the videos from my camera, the camera exploded.  Probably because the contents of the video are so unbelievably hot. 

Say So




I See Red


And then we had the opportunity to meet the womyn we have all been lusting after for so many years.  I am so calling VH1, because I hade the best day ever.





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