ACRL Preconference Unconference

I am not attending the ACRL 14th National Conference in Seattle.  But if I was or if I was even remotely close to Seattle March 12th-15th I would TOTALLY attend Radical Reference’s ACRL  Unconferene 2009.


Please check out this link for more information on the ACRL Unconference 2009


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Fleetwood Mac

My first visit to the University of Minnesota as a perspective student eleven years ago was the day after a Fleetwood Mac concert.  

Guess what.  Guess who I saw last night ……  Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John.  












Totally blew me away.  Teri and I walked, skipped, jumped and ran our way into the arena as Tusk was playing; unbelievable.  Don’t Stop, Gold Dust Wom[y]n, Landslide, and Silver Springs were just a few songs played.  Mick totally knocked my socks off with his loony, tripped out drumming tactics and little red shoes.  Lindsey’s voice, incredible.  John rocked it.  And Stevie, amazing.  A full set and two encores later even for an arena show,  I was was not let down, not even a little bit.  

The house was packed, mostly with…..the Minnesota nice who sit real still in their seats.  WHO SITS STILL AT SUCH A SHOW?

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And we launched Twitter today from the basement

Today was the day I sent out the e-mail memo from my cubical in the basement of a university building  to all the Dynamic Digital Signage administrators and users at a higher ed institution located in a largish Minnesota metropolitan city that has an East Bank, a West Bank and a Saint Paul.  Approximately….well….several people received the email explaining to them why the department is using Twitter and why they should too.  I understand it may take some time to catch on, but by the “end of the work day” today, five clients are following us.

I am kind of really excited about this.


To be blown away by the  CTS Dynamic Digital Signage Twitter AWESOMENESS click here


Libraries too could benefit from this new, now almost mainstream technology….Branding at it’s finest, some may say.

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DDS on Twitter


For months I have been talking about Twitter in the office I work at  located in a basement in the center of Minneapolis on the East Bank of a campus.


today …..

together with my Dynamic Digital Signagepartners in crime Eric and Jade, we totally set up a Twitter account.  We will be using the HOTTEST social networking site for FAQs, Tips, marketing, etc, etc, etc.  Essentially, creating a dialogue with and amongst our clients as well as…well,  having a presence.  Its all about branding, someone somewhere once said.


Stay tuned




if that other place I worked at would jump on this wagon, all would be good.

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Meet me at T!<$L{$

There is a newish piano bar/sports bar (I know, something for everyone) in the 612.  Check out their website here.

 I recently visited this newish bar with Teri where we watched the Oscars Sunday night.  Probably the best Oscars I have seen.  I really enjoyed the solidarity I observed on that stage.  Unfortunately, prior to the award show, I had only seen one of the movies nominated and obviously it was Milk.  But after watching the Oscars, I started to think of all the really great bad films I have seen.  And it took me back to 1985:

The Peanutbutter Solution

Every time I mention TPS, everyone thinks it is a myth, an urban legend.  Well my friends, above is the proof.  Up until now, only two people I know were aware of this film, my sister and Guy.   And now, like Paul Harvey says, you know the rest of the story.


OMG, has anyone else seen this?  BODI?  Love it.  I think I watched this one every other day from 1986-1989.

Empire of the Sun

Ok, this is an amazing movie.  Just sayin.  It should not even be in this post, but I was thinking about it the other day and wanted to see a clip.  So then I decided you should see the clip too.  You can thank me later for reminding you this film is out there.

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Favorite Music Video of the Week

So I am driving to the northern suburban library, and it is like whoa, far (a 7 hour walk according to mapquest) and I am listening to the radio and  a super fantastic song comes on, but I don’t know what it is.  So I pick up my phone, turn on Shazam and tag the song as it is playing on the radio.  What is this song that I need to know the name of?  

You’re a Wolf by Sea Wolf


I spend about an hour in the car a day to get to and from that library.  When I tell people this, they are like, OMG, that is a long commute.  Yes, it is, but I love what I do, and I love having the opportunity to listen to 89.3 The Current and discover new music that I may have not been aware of earlier.  You can totally listen to The Current on-line as well.  Just click here

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the 612 and the 651 represent like mad in Austin

I am all about the music festival.  I have been to my fair share and hope to go to many more.  However, a music festival that is even overwhelming to me is SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Tons and tons of bands and tons and tons of venues.  Seems almost dreamy, and then I panic at the thought of the scheduling chaos, how to get from one venue to the next, which band to see and which to skip…I am almost hyperventilating right now.  So even though it almost sounds hellish to attend this grandiose pot of wonderfulness, I would do it, and hopefully one day I will.  But in the mean time, I appreciate music festivals as they give the up and comers a time to shine and introduce themselves to us.

Six of the bands who are performing at SXSW March 13-22 are from MPLS/STP:  Grant Hart, Doomtree, Brother Ali, Dosh, Haley Bonar and Mark Olson and Gary Louris.












If  your music collection sounding a little stale?  Check out the SXSW line-up, introduce yourself to a few of the performers, download a song here and there and broaden your musical horizon and that of your friends.

SXSW line up

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