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Fleetwood Mac

My first visit to the University of Minnesota as a perspective student eleven years ago was the day after a Fleetwood Mac concert.  

Guess what.  Guess who I saw last night ……  Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John.  












Totally blew me away.  Teri and I walked, skipped, jumped and ran our way into the arena as Tusk was playing; unbelievable.  Don’t Stop, Gold Dust Wom[y]n, Landslide, and Silver Springs were just a few songs played.  Mick totally knocked my socks off with his loony, tripped out drumming tactics and little red shoes.  Lindsey’s voice, incredible.  John rocked it.  And Stevie, amazing.  A full set and two encores later even for an arena show,  I was was not let down, not even a little bit.  

The house was packed, mostly with…..the Minnesota nice who sit real still in their seats.  WHO SITS STILL AT SUCH A SHOW?


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The Final Night’s footage

This video does a pretty good job of showing what was experienced in the Sears parking lot in St. Paul on September 4th, 2008


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Twitter saved my life

Twitter is one of latest crushes.  I was introduced to Twitter during spring semester in Michael Stephens Library 2.0 class.  I have been using it pretty much since class.  However, over the last week, user-ship in the Twin Cities really increased.  I would like to say that Michael Stephens was the cause of this, but I think this article sums it up.  Library 2.0 out in the real world…yeaaaaaaaaa!

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RNC Day 4, can we have our city back?

The do gooders are back at it.  Link and continued discussion at this original link


Images from the anti-war march.  The march started at the Capitol marching towards John Ireland.

Love The Lawyers Guild in the neon green



Chalking the intersection “Arrest Bush Not Us”

Once John Ireland was blocked, the crowd headed over to Cedar but was stopped at 12th

Sewer covers secured for the week

The first set of protesters to be detained.  The police surrounded the organizers of the Anti-War Committee.



After the arrests and not getting anywhere on Cedar, the crowd turned around and headed towards Marion


The group took a right on University from Marion.  The intention was to find a route to the Xcel.  This became difficult as the overpasses were blocked

And then the concussion grenades and gas were deployed.  Couldn’t tell if the police gave a warning, the helicopters were low enough to drown out everything.  The police wouldn’t disperse the group in this manor unless they had given a warning, right?  The green cloud in the lower center is gas and concussion grenades.

Surrounded by police on horse back in the Sears parking lot.  Tried to go one way, police said to go the other way.  Turned around and the police on the other side were closing in.  Tricky, tricky.

Those unfortunate to be in attendance may think twice about doing that again.

Those poor horses.  No one asked them.

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RNC Day 3: Calm before the storm

Today was a little more quiet.  I rode my bike over to Rice Park where MSNBC is filming live as well as the east entrance into the River Centre/Xcel Center.  Boring, boring, boring.  Three people approached me with questions.  Nothing much to look at.    As I was walking towards 7th Place Park I saw

The park was closed off, a young person had thrown a firecracker out their window and was cuffed once he walked out of his apartment.  Tensions are running high.  


After watching the RNC on TV, I was appalled after hearing the chant “Drill Baby Drill.”  Wow.  I am not one to talk/yell at the tv, but it happened for most of the “speeches.”


Please check out this video by gnooze that was posted on twincities.indymedia.org

The video is just some of the Tuesday Night Poor Peoples March aftermath.

The police had blocked off all side streets and forced us back to the capitol after the march.  From there you really had to know the area to get back downtown if you lived there due to several of the streets being blocked by riot police.  The police were there to protect, but they did a great job of intimidating too.


PS, I know you all read that Palin was interested in banning books from her city’s library.  She never followed through….

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RNC Day 2: gas masks, the latest fad

Ripple Effect provided a day of music and activism


Group hug during Matisyahu’s set

Michael Franti

Police not letting Rage Against the Machine play.  The police think RATM may incite a riot.  Perhaps the police are attempting to incite a riot if they don’t let RATM play.  In the end RATM is not allowed to go on stage.  Instead they go to the front of the stage with a megaphone and perform a couple of songs while the crowd kneels down to let everyone else see.  Amazing.

Poor Peoples’ March (group had permit)

When is the last time you saw police on bikes with gas masks?


and more gas masks

and more, scary police on top of cars with rubber pellet guns.

Thanks to Twitter we learned that the police had notified area hospitals that they would begin using gas soon.  That was our cue to leave.

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RNC 2008 Day 1 St Paul – Holy Shit

Yes, I participated in the rally and the march today in St. Paul.  And no I am not an anarchist.  How could I be, I  am way too much of a capitalist.  But  I would like it known that regardless of what the media says, not all those who participated are anarchist.  Others who are not anarchists have ideas too.  Regardless, I am really happy about participating today, and I am really happy to share my experience.

@ the rally getting lined up for the march

sign @ the rally

exercising the right  to mock the ridiculousness that has become the 1st  amendment right.

This is who was watching us march.  Totally awesome, totally necessary [please read sarcasm]


After the march (actually like a couple of hours after the march) this is Mucha talking with the police to find out how we can get back home since downtown St. Paul was blocked off completely.  It was virtually impossible to cross over I 94 on foot.

Once we able to go home, we found the arrest area a block away from where we live.  Lots of civilians cuffed and lots of riot police standing around

the people who are not police are arrested in this image

and more arrestees

Obviously  what I witnessed today is nothing compared to what take place in other countries, none the less it was still a really intense day.  I started the day by providing Street Reference via Radical Reference; we were even interviewed by Congressional Quarterly but we ended up witnessing some pretty intense safety measures taken by the  St. Paul police department.

End  of day one.  What will tomorrow bring?  No one knows.  But I must say that Twitter really kept  us informed with what was going on and where not to go if we wanted to be safe.  Use Twitter.  Don’t know what Twitter is? Look it up at google and get to it.


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