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This is really rawkin my socks off.  I heart Shepard Fairey’s work and now Ican just pretty much make my own and so can you.















make your own

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“experiment in phenomenology”

While walking in Uptown Saturday night, I spotted this little guy.  Looks like a Banksyknock off.  Oh man, it would be totally awesome if Banksy was in MPLS.  An amazing vacation= visiting Banksy locations . 

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?  Andy Warhol mocked popular culture.  Sherri Levine borrowed from Duchamp’s Fountain.  GirlTalkmashes everyone’s work.  Collaboration has potential for really amazing forms of expression.











And then on Sunday I spotted this Shepard Fairey wall:


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Shepard Fairey spotted in Uptown

Hey!  This is my 101st post!  How exciting.

On Sunday I had to pick up a few items at Robot Love in Uptown and guess what was in the front window.

Shepard Fairey’s Obama logo!  And what I find even more magical is that just 20 minutes before taking this pictureI happened to have purchased the OBEY t-shirt with the very logo at another location at Hennepin and Lake.  I have decided that I will be wearing Obama t-shirts everyday now through November 4th so I needed to add another one to my collection.  My friend Kate is in Ohio doing her share to get our man elected, so I figure the least I can do is prance around in a t-shirt (obviously when appropriate) in the 651/612.

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Shepard Fairey work spotted in Roseville

I visited a store in Roseville over the weekend and saw this in the parking lot:

A Shepard Fairey sticker.  Totally cool to see that in the 651.

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