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Target Free Thursday Night

Hey, have you been to the Walker Art Center lately?  No?  Then you should totally go tomorrow night (10/16/08).  After 5pm, it is free, well, Target pays your way.  PS the Walker is giving away Beuys and Judd buttons:

Awesome.  Oh yeah, and if you go, which you should, can you get me a button?  I won’t be able to make it as I have a date with Rufus Wainwright.

Other cool exhibitions at the WAC currentlyare Eero Saaeinen: Shaping the Future, Journeys to Nowhere: Selections from the Collection and Statements: Beuys, Flavin, Judd.  Plus the timeless Mythologies and The Shape of Time.

Once I saw Judy Chicago in the galleries.  She is just so great, one of my favorites.

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I heart Sarah Palin, the best thing to happen to the Republican party

Here are some of my favorite Sarah Palin lines from THE GREAT DEBATE:


“Get down to gettin business done”

“Darn right it was the predator lenders”

“Joe six pack”

“Learn a heck of  a lot of lessons”

“Darn right we need tax relief”

“As mayor…”

“Nuc le ar”

“I am tolerant”

“As straight up as I can be”

“The Castro brothers”

“Team of Mavericks”

“Say it aint so Joe”



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