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Artist of the Week

I just read about Amy Rice, who just happens to be from Minneapolis, in Stencil Nation by Russell Howes.  Totally rad book and totally rad lady.

Amy Rice - play

Amy Rice - play


Amy Rice website

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riding bike, you see more

Despite the threat of rain yesterday, I took my chances and rode bike to work at the U.  After my 9.5 hour shift there, I rode to the Walker to pick up some literature about Design for the other 90% an exhibition about sustainable technologies, which is the topic of one of my projects for LIS7600 International Librarianship.  Still warding off the rain, I made the trek from the WAC to Lower Town, St. Paul.  It seems that everytime I ride that bike, it takes me an hour to get where I am going.  However, on my trip I happened to cross some super cool street art:

Hiawatha and 28th-

Midtown Green Way-


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