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Street Art Locator

I recently became “friends” with Village Savant on Twitter.  This morning they posted a link to one of the most amazing blogs/websites I have seen in a while, Street Art Locator.     Street Art Locator is one of the best and most amazing examples of web 2.0 mash-ups I have seen.  The image below is a Google map displaying street art across the globe.  

So you know what that means…..Everytime I see street art from now on, I can go to Street Art Locator    upload the location and image and awesomeness is observed by all.







P.S. I am fairly certain mash-ups are being integrated into library web-sites as we speak.  


This  street art video is so totally rad.  Hold on to your seat.  Seriously.


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This is really rawkin my socks off.  I heart Shepard Fairey’s work and now Ican just pretty much make my own and so can you.















make your own

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“experiment in phenomenology”

While walking in Uptown Saturday night, I spotted this little guy.  Looks like a Banksyknock off.  Oh man, it would be totally awesome if Banksy was in MPLS.  An amazing vacation= visiting Banksy locations . 

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?  Andy Warhol mocked popular culture.  Sherri Levine borrowed from Duchamp’s Fountain.  GirlTalkmashes everyone’s work.  Collaboration has potential for really amazing forms of expression.











And then on Sunday I spotted this Shepard Fairey wall:


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Another find, Dinkytown is loaded with character

On my walk to the office this afternoon I spotted this little guy:


There are little surprises all over the place.  We just need to be observant.  Spotting street art makes me so happy.  Freedom of expression, what a powerful thing.

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Animated @ Minnesota Museum of American Art

The Minnesota Museum of American Art (MMAA) is closing the doors in 2009.  I hate that.  And what I hate even more is that I have never been to MMAA.  However, L’etoile Magazine informed me of a show at the MMAA last night, so I took the opportunity to investigate.  The show is Hot Ink: Comic Art in Minnesota.


 I arrived too late to watch the animated shorts, but I did get a chance to look at inked panels, sketchbooks, graphic novels and mini comics that are on exhibition in the gallery.  Amazing.  Also on exhibition, is a show called Let Freedom Ring.  The war propaganda and political commentary was right on.  Check this stuff out, the Twin Cities is so full or culture and people who want to share with you.  L’etoile is an awesome resource for viewing the arts.  Visit the blog.  If you are not into going out, it at least keeps you in the know.

I walked to MMAA and on my way, in an alley, I found this:


There is so much random cool stuff, just look around, you may be surprised by all the art around you.

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Gonzo sighting near 55455

This morning while I was on my way to Williamson Hall on the beautiful U of M campus, I spotted new street art.  Earlier this summer, Byrneme and I saw a Hunter S Thompson documentary, Gonzo:  the Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at the Lagoon.  The film discussed a sculpture that had been erected in honor of HST that was like a bajillion feet tall (153 feet) in the shape of a double thumbed fist with a peyote button in the middle.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe HST had designed that sculpture himself and which later is ashes were shot from.

Anyway, the new street art is of the double thumbed fist and peyote button.  Can you even believe it.  Yikes.


There is something really powerful about street art.  Street artists take great risks to see their work made public.  I also really like that you never know when they will appear or how long they will stay.  Temporary masterpieces.

A couple of other street artifacts I have seen on campus the last week or so:



The three of these were found in a one block radius in Dinkytown.


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Montreal Street Art

While in Montreal, we did  a lot a lot a lot of walking.  While walking we were able to see so much at street level, including really amazing street art.  We were not fortunate enough to see any Banksy, but none the less, some great work.  Guerilla Art is going to aid the revolution.







































This last piece image was taken in Quebec City


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riding bike, you see more

Despite the threat of rain yesterday, I took my chances and rode bike to work at the U.  After my 9.5 hour shift there, I rode to the Walker to pick up some literature about Design for the other 90% an exhibition about sustainable technologies, which is the topic of one of my projects for LIS7600 International Librarianship.  Still warding off the rain, I made the trek from the WAC to Lower Town, St. Paul.  It seems that everytime I ride that bike, it takes me an hour to get where I am going.  However, on my trip I happened to cross some super cool street art:

Hiawatha and 28th-

Midtown Green Way-


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