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Embrace 2.0

If someone came up to me and said:  Hey, we don’t have any money, but we really need to boost the library’s presence and image.  Do you have any ideas?

I would say:







examples of libraries using Twitter: Hennipen County Library, Danbury Library and DC Public Library


examples of libraies using Flickr:   Lester Public Library,  Cape May County Library  and Hennepin County Library

This one thinks libraries need to be where our users are. 


Why not?

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Street Art Locator

I recently became “friends” with Village Savant on Twitter.  This morning they posted a link to one of the most amazing blogs/websites I have seen in a while, Street Art Locator.     Street Art Locator is one of the best and most amazing examples of web 2.0 mash-ups I have seen.  The image below is a Google map displaying street art across the globe.  

So you know what that means…..Everytime I see street art from now on, I can go to Street Art Locator    upload the location and image and awesomeness is observed by all.







P.S. I am fairly certain mash-ups are being integrated into library web-sites as we speak.  


This  street art video is so totally rad.  Hold on to your seat.  Seriously.


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Lets get it together

Michele Bachmann is Twittering, why aren’t you?

*Michele Bachmann hiding in the bushes at a GLBT rally*

*Michele Bachman making out with a Bush*

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Layout change

Now that I have completed my MLIS, I have found some time to spend on other fun stuff.  I thought this blog layout needed to be updated a bit.  I have also added a few items to the side bar such as Delicious and a tag cloud.  I hope to post entries on various web 2.0 and library 2.0 related items…continuing ed.

Delicious is a social bookmarking site used to share, store and find web bookmarks.  It is a really useful way to “archive” those random articles you find and may want to come back to at a later time.  It is like a diary of newspaper clippings.  Take some time and play with the site.  It is also interesting to revisit the bookmarks to remind you what you thought was important 6 months ago.

Tag cloud is a visual of user-generated tags typically describing the contents of of a web site or blog.  The tag cloud on this page consists of the tags I have associated with my blog entries.  The larger the font, the more times I have used that particular tag. The tags are also hyperlinks that will take you directly to the entry where that tag was used.  Pretty awesome.

Guess what, libraries could also use cloud tags and Delicious.  Participatory Services?  Getting the patrons involved?   Readers advisory?  Dialogue?  Community?

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Twitter saved my life

Twitter is one of latest crushes.  I was introduced to Twitter during spring semester in Michael Stephens Library 2.0 class.  I have been using it pretty much since class.  However, over the last week, user-ship in the Twin Cities really increased.  I would like to say that Michael Stephens was the cause of this, but I think this article sums it up.  Library 2.0 out in the real world…yeaaaaaaaaa!

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It could be fierce

Like Knittinmama I too saw Nancy Pearl speak today.  I learned a great deal about reader’s advisory techniques that I can’t wait to deploy once I have the appropriate job title.  As Knittinmama wrote, Nancy Pearl is not against Library 2.0, but she didn’t seem to love it like Garfield loves lasagna.  However, I love 2.0 which means that I would make a great side kick for Nancy Pearl.  A librarian with an action figure such as Nancy Pearl really needs a side kick.  Nancy Pearl, I could totally be your side kick, hook me up with an action figure, it would be totally “sweet.” (Nancy Pearl said “sweet” to me, she told me all the kids are saying it)  I didn’t have the heart to tell her,  the kids have moved on from “sweet” and thanks to Christian Siriano everything is now “fierce.”  See, she needs me to keep things current.  I was actually too nervous to say anything to her except to ask her for a photo.  If you don’t understand why I was nervous, it was kind of like meeting Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, The Beatles, Angelina Jolie or David Beckham.  Don’t think I haven’t thought this action figure thing through.  My accessories would be:  a black pair of glasses, a white pair of glasses, a laptop, a digital camera, an ipod and a messenger bag to keep everything in.  My action, since Nancy Pearl has taken the shushing action, would be throwing up the peace sign.  Come on, remember in elementary school when you were about to leave the classroom, the teacher would raise her arm and make a peace sign.  At this moment all students recognized the peace sign as an instruction to be quiet.  The peace sign would totally be my action.  Just in case you can’t picture it, I have a visual for you.  Nancy Pearl and her side kick, not the peace sign action.


I am the one on the left without the action figure.  Nancy Pearl, I am totally up for the challenge.

 On another note, Friday night I participated in the Grown Up Spelling Bee held at the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis.  It was a great experience, my first spelling bee ever and I am 28, I suggest everyone compete next year.  But as I was approaching the venue I saw this and had to take a picture to post here



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