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This game called the election

Rachel Maddow just told me

that Barack Obama

is using video games as a campaign tool.  Brilliant!  

How many times do I have to tell you that video games are relevant to so many different types of people that to neglect the gaming community is not the greatest move?   More  and More

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New MacBook and MacBook Pro released today

Aluminum enclosure and multi touch trackpad, I am totally sold.  Not really.  It looks really cool and multi touch trackpad is really cool, but it seems to me that sans “Pro,” my MacBook from 2006 is just as rad.  Mucha has the previous MacBook Pro and really the coolest thing about is that when you turn the lights off in a room, the back light turns on automatically.  Pretty sweet.  But if you don’t have a Mac yet and were considering, get it and show me sometime.

I think I will save my allowance for that rummored DJHero game Activision is working on.

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Reference Desk 2.0?

I am not sure if it is completely inviting, but I think patrons would totally approach a reference desk that looked like the image below if nothing else to see what the heck was going on in the super cool librarian work station.  Not to mention, how productive would this be; we could so help more people more efficiently.  Alright, I guess I am willing to help out with the beta trial.

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