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Montreal Street Art

While in Montreal, we did  a lot a lot a lot of walking.  While walking we were able to see so much at street level, including really amazing street art.  We were not fortunate enough to see any Banksy, but none the less, some great work.  Guerilla Art is going to aid the revolution.







































This last piece image was taken in Quebec City


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Day 4 in Montreal

Last night we went to Chu Chai for dinner, a vegetarian Thai restaurant.

The menu was quite extensive everything from tofu to vegetarian fish and shrimp (made of soy as well).  I had the vegetarian shrimp, baby corn and mushrooms with five sauces.  Lets just say the shrimp looked a little to real for me and had the texture and flavor of real shrimp; my gag reflux prevented me from eating the shrimp.  I thought I should try it out though since the only vegetarian options in the 651/612 are tofu and mock duck.

We also had tofu like sandwiches for our appetizer.  It was a fried triangle of tofu sliced with cucumber, cilantro and a secret sauce, it was really one of the best appetizers I have had.


So today

Breakfast consisted of orange juice, apricot juice, coffee, fresh fruit (melon, water melon and blue berries w/ yogurt) and tomato and onion quiche.  Again, delicious.

Then, obviously, we went shopping.  That is all I will say about that.

We made our way back downtown to the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).  The temporary exhibition was Love:  Yves Saint Laurent.  YSL was in the original building along with the Canadian and design perminant collection.

It was pretty amazing to see his cloths and how they evolved, what a brilliant man.  What he did for women’s clothing is amazing.  It takes a couple of years to pull an exhibition together and YSL just passed away this year; he was the only living designer to have an exhibition of his work while still alive.

Directly across the street is the rest of the permanent collection in the expansion.

To my surprise you could take photos in the galleries as long as you did not use a flash.  This was not really all that exciting until I found this:










Yeah, that is A Panel of Experts by Jean-Michel Basquiat. That painting totally made my day.

After the museum, we remembered it is a good idea to eat lunch, even if it was already 4pm.  We found a little crepe shop and shared a nutella and banana crepe.

After the crepe, we needed to get out of the rain so we found another underground shopping “mall.”  The mall is connected to the subway so we jumped on it and made our way back for some nap time and blog time.  Tomorrow, Mucha goes home and I continue on to Quebec City by bus.  It is a 3.5 bus ride so I should get caught up on my reading and video gaming.  Tomorrow night is the Welcome for U.S. delegates at IFLA.  Oh man, I am kind of getting tired of living out of a suite case.


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Day 3 in Montreal…Bonjour!

Last night Mucha and I took the subway to Parc Jean Drapeau to see Radiohead with 35,000 other people.  Montreal is on an island and Jean Drapeau is on a different island, so pretty much everyone needed to take the subway, the yellow line to get to the show.  And it rained.  It did not pour, but the rain was constant, making for a big ol mess.

We stood in line for about 2.5 hours to get through security.  Tough start to the night.  However, they did have beer tents along the way just in case you were thirsty waiting for security.  The beer cups even had covers on them so you could buy several and not spill, smart Canadians.  Radiohead played a great show, the crowd was plentiful and wonderful.  I have some video of the show, but at this time I do not have the band’s permission and I don’t want to mess with copyright, which I am trying to get better at.

Also at the show we had frites (french fries).  We decided not to go with the national food, poutine (gravy and melted cheese over french fries), I mean is that gravy vegetarian?  I have a few days, I will try to muster the courage.  The Canadian concert scene also introduced me to male port-a-potties.  Like whoa.  Brilliant way to make sure 35,000 people can practice good hygiene and I have to admit, I never had to stand in line to use the womyn’s (standard) port-a-potty.

Overall, excellent show, Thom Yorke was brilliant.

This morning for breakfast we had cranberry juice, orange juice, coffee, mango, cherries, and pineapple with blueberry pancakes.

We stumbled upon the city library.  We were walking and all of sudden it was there.  Unfortunately, it only houses a children’s collection right now.  In the next month, that collection will also be moved to the National Library.  This library will no longer be used as a library 😦

I have been to a library everyday so far on this vacation and I am not even at the conference yet.  Its really too bad graduate school does not have extra credit.


Then we did some MORE shopping in the Village.  I have purchased four hats so far.  Really only accessories, oh and a Harry Potter like cardigan.  Mucha on the other hand has a totally new wardrobe, I hope she remembers I have to take one of the suitcases with me to Quebec City.

We stopped at a pizza place for lunch, Piazzetta.  We had a veggie pizza and then for dessert we had chocolate and raspberry  mousse.  In a creepy way it kind of looked like the U.S.

After lunch, I could not stop thinking about the National Library we had visited on Tuesday.  We had noticed that you could take a audio walking tour and I was still obsessed with finding a sign for the place.

Did you know the Quebec National Library (Grande Bibliotheque):

is the largest library in the French speaking community

was built in 2005

contains +4 million documents

subscribes to 160 newspapers

subscribes to 1,600 journals

has 200,000 novels

the entire 4th floor is media (music cds and vinyl, DVDs, viewing stations, audio mixing stations, and sheet music).  OMG!

The Grande Bibliotheque is “dedicated to the disseminaiton of culture.” Totally rad mission.

PS, I found a sign

I don’t know how I missed it earlier.

Oh, by the way, last week I was interviewed for a mini series in the Woodbury Bulletin.  The series is about people who work in the community, who may be a familiar face.  Like Ben Folds said, rockin the suburbs.  Well, like I was told, “nothing is ever really off the record” or apparently in context.


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Day 1 in Montreal (that’s in Canada)

Moms:  We made it here, customs was a breeze…

After getting yelled at by the United Airlines flight attendant for not drinking my soda fast enough and then waiting on the tarmac in an AirCanada plane for 2 hours we made it to the B&B in Montreal

We started out our day with breakfast, obv.  So far the only thing I don’t love about the B&B is that, well, they have breakfast for you and I really like going out for breakfast.  Augusta made us french toast with fresh fruit and yogurt, orange juice, cranberry juice and coffee.  It was actually awesome.

After breakfast we started our jouney.  We seriously walked from 11am until 6pm.  A few blocks into our journey we spotted

and from there on we knew we were in good company.

Our first stop was the Basilica.  Everyone said this is a must

From there we kept on walking around Old Montreal and the Old Port on to Downtown where we ran into Queen Victoria

Seeing the Queen and all her glory really made us hungry and thirsty for that matter.  So we stopped in at Nyk’s












I had a delicious veggie burger made of chickpeas  and a glass of St. Ambroise  and Victoria had penne arrabiata and a glass of chardonay.  

To work off our late lunch we did some shopping along Rue Sainte Catherine.  Tons of boutiques and other things that typically straight men go see at night with their buddies can be found along Sainte Catherine.  We had heard that Radiohead was playing in Montreal tomorrow night so we thought we better get some tickets.  But where?

We stopped in at one of the tourist information spots.  This place is brilliant.  You get a number and when your number is called you can ask all the questions you have like where do we buy concert tickets and by the way where is said concert being held and how do we get there as well as questions like where is the train station and how would you suggest getting from Montreal to Quebec City.  There were 15 windows of question raising tourists.  I loved it.   This information center would impress many a library staff!

So obviously when in Montreal it is most important to visit the Grande Bibliotheque du Quebec (Quebec National Library).  OMG this place is beautiful and rather large.  They provide so so so many services.  I picked up several brochures, what I will do with them, I have no ideas, probably pull them out in job interviews or something.  However, the sign on the outside said no cameras (at least we think that is what the French sign read).  And PS there was not a single sign outside designating the building’s name.  However, since we were not sure if the sign said no cameras or just no flash…here are a couple of images from the outside 😦

So, I would give this first day two thumbs up.  And obv., its not even over.  We have dinner reservations at a vegetarian restaurant in the Gay Village where the “waiter [is] in fishnet stockings, aluminum paper walls.  Some what fanatic…”  Right on, aye.


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