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Breaking News

sandentotten’s Twitter feed just informed me that today Scott Seekins “has made the official change from all white to all black for the winter.”

*image from MPLS/STPAUL magazine*

*image from Walker Art Center blog*

Thats it ladies and gentlemen, put those white pants and hand bags away.  Get out the peacoats and scarves.

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I wish I would have met Alexander Supertramp a few years ago

It was recommended to me that I watch INTO THE WILD.  Monday at the library in the suburb near I94 the DVD came through circulation.  You see, this is one of my favorite things about working circulation.  I love that i get to see what other people check out.  I know nothing of these people except for what they like to read and watch.  So when I check something in and it is of interest to me, it is a great serendipitous moment.

INTO THE WILD has the capability of changing peoples’ lives.  If you let it.  I don’t necessarily think it is a movie to watch if you think you know what you are doing with your life; it will make you think otherwise.  And Eddie Vedder is responsible for the soundtrack.   You can’t think about what could have been, you just have to focus on what can be.  Believing that though is the hardest part.

What really depresses me is that only 20 hours a week I am surrounded by:


while 30 hours a week I look at this:

I must be a joke to the people that surround this cubical.  I have an librarian action figure, a shoe box action figure and a graffiti marker action figure, a cat calendar (someone gave this to me, I did not buy it), a blackberry, and ipod, dual monitors, a chicken post card, a pinwheel and a picture of Scott Seekins. I dread sitting at this desk every morning I wake up.  I have this desk for, it will be 5 years in November.  Thats way too long.  I just want to spend my days in the stacks hanging out with Dewey Decimal or the Library of Congress rather than with Share Point or TSRs or VGA cables or DDS or Regents this or that.  At the end of each day though, I know that this will not be my desk for another 5 years, progress is being made, a revolution is taking place.

I hope I don’t forget Alexander Supertramp and his amazing experiences, I will be living vicariously through him and all the other Supertramps out there.

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