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Embrace 2.0

If someone came up to me and said:  Hey, we don’t have any money, but we really need to boost the library’s presence and image.  Do you have any ideas?

I would say:







examples of libraries using Twitter: Hennipen County Library, Danbury Library and DC Public Library


examples of libraies using Flickr:   Lester Public Library,  Cape May County Library  and Hennepin County Library

This one thinks libraries need to be where our users are. 


Why not?

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Post Secret

Every Monday I visit the Post Secret website.  I think this is an amazing project.  I have been following it for almost a couple of years.  You never know who is sending in the secrets.  The secrets we are reading could be your mom’s, your flat mates, or even your co-workers.   This week, a post really caught my eye:


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A poll is a poll is a poll

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Digital Signage

I really need to work on my interview skills.  I am always quoted saying the lamest things. 

Education:  The Loneliest Help Desk in Town

How rad would it be to integrate digital signage systems into libraries?  Way finding?  Program marketing?  RSS feeds?  Collection info?  Conference room scheduling?  Patron of the month?  And with digital signage, there is no tape involved; totally bringing sexy back.


Today’s MN Daily Letter to the Editor is in regard to a department’s decision to install digital signage using budgetary funds from a previous fiscal year.  Budgets are not a reflection of the current economy, but what was happening the year before or the year before that.  Not until next year and the year after that will we really feel the effects of the current economic stresses.

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Wild @ the library

yikes!  I worked my first weekend at the library as a librarian.  And it was interesting.  Somehow things did not go swimmingly; however, with my years of experience, I was able to shoot from the hip and no one may have even known there was anything up.  I work for a place that has a lot of really great people and take one for the team over and over again.  I am all about that team.

The MN Zoo held a program at the Northern Suburban Library near I35E.  The kids loved it.  The parents loved it.  It was a pretty big deal.  The kids were able to handle a chinchilla, armadillo, horned lizard and giant millipedes.  The Annie the horned owl was not handled.





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Shelving provided me with insight

Part of the training for my new job is to become familiar with the collection and and layout of the space.  Yesterday while I was shelving Easies (children’s books) I spotted this out of the corner of my eye:


Pretty rad.  I am so  flippin happy and proud that this book is on the shelf in the library I work at.  Which now that I think about it is kind of sad.  What makes me so happy about this?  Maybe its the fact that so many libraries are confronted by homophobes to not have the item in the collection.  blah blah blah Maybe I will start writing children’s books with gay characters, rainbows, parades, flannel, hiking boots, cargo pants, granola, vegetarians, feminists, and hair stylists.  I need an illustrator though for some inspiration.


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First Day @ the Northern Suburban Library Near 35E

I received my Librarian name tag yesterday. I guess it is official. I am a muther effin librarian! Watch out world. I also find in ironic that I received a notice from my bank that my student loan repayment is about to begin. hmmmm.
Here are some facts about my new branch and its surrounding area:
The cities population according to the last census is 14,440. Whitehall is 1, 300. St. Paul is 287,151.
The city is 125 mi south of Duluth. I have only been to Duluth once for 5 minutes to get salted licorice at that candy store near Grandma’s.
The branch has a blue postal box in its parking lot.
Next to that blue postal box is a St. Paul Pi Press newspaper thingy.

I can’t give away too much in this posting, I need to keep you all on edge.

It is very cold inside, which is very good as I like to layer. Very excited about this.

And this is what I saw as I left the branch.

Later in the evening, I had dinner at Sawatdee with my friend Teena.  I ordered a bloody mary along with my Toam Yum.  I told the server I like olives.  Its no secret.  And this is what she brought out to me.  I understand the image quality is not so great, but I think you will get the idea.


yes, there are eight olives in that drink.

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If I were classified…. the Dewey way

Ever wonder what your Dewey Decimal classification would be? The wait is over. Spacefem.com allows you to enter your name and birthday and presto, you have your classification number. I am finding so many interesting things in that American Libraries Direct email I get every week from ALA.

Wanda Marsolek’s Dewey Decimal Section:
003 Systems

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You’re working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

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Traded to the Northern Suburban Library off of I35E

Today I made my first visit to the Northern Suburban Library off of I35E (NSL).  I must tell you the NSL space may have knocked my socks off.  If you don’t believe me, I will personally take a road trip with you to prove it.  And you know what else, I will drive because gas is $2.19 there (gas station down the street from me is $2.34).  Even though my drive may be a bit further, I will be saving money if I purchase my gas near the NSL.  Also, the NSL has a killer soda machine with my favorite sodas.  This is important because I did not see a coffee shop anywhere near by.

Do you see that?  Sunkist, Mt Dew and even Diet Mt Dew.  Do you know how rare Diet Mt Dew is in a vending machine?  I do, very very rare.

So I already knew I would be ok here as the soda machine was the first thing I noticed walking into the building.  After this discovery I entered the library.

Look at the cool staff selections area.  Pretty sweet.  Very appealing.  Accessible.  Nice marketing layout.  This retail retiree is pleased.

A rad designated teen area.  Yes, those are board games you see.

Entrance to the children’s area.  Sunlight?  Yes.  Also, if you notice the carpet is different in the children’s area than it is outside of it.  The decor is totally aesthetically pleasing.  Ok, I will admit it, that library is hawt.

Children’s area.  Windows, everywhere fantastic windows.

Nook in the the children’s area.  Super cute.  And just so ya’ll know, these two patrons were there reading before I arrived, this is not staged.  I even asked their permission to take this photo. Yes, even with all the technology available, people still read.  They even read together.

light in the children’s area

Picture take from the reading loft.  There are so many computers, I am so excited for the patrons to have so much access.


I was really impressed with the space and I look forward to seeing how the patrons use it.

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That is just so $@&

From American Libraries Direct

WASILLA — Wasilla Public Library has decided not to shelve two children’s books dealing with homosexuality donated by a gay activist in California.Michael Petrelis, a 49-year-old from San Francisco, donated the books in September after learning of Gov. Sarah Palin’s question about banning certain books when she was Wasilla’s mayor.

In 1996 Palin asked Wasilla’s librarian how she would feel about banning certain books at the library. While no books were banned, Palin’s question started a brief controversy over censorship at the library. Palin reportedly took issue with the book “Pastor, I Am Gay,” by local author and now-retired minister Howard Bess.

The censorship story, reported that year in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, largely faded into history until Republican presidential candidate John McCain named Palin as his running mate in August.  The ensuing media attention rehashed the 12-year-old story.  Petrelis, who runs a popular blog dealing with gay and lesbian issues, donated the books “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Daddy’s Roommate” during Banned Books Week, the American Library Association’s celebration of the freedom to read.  “I said, ‘I’m going to send copies of both books just to make sure they’re on the shelves,’” Petrelis said in a previous interview.

When the books arrived, Library Director KJ Martin-Albright said they would go through an approval process that doesn’t look at content but focuses more on durability and appeal, and determines whether there is enough space, among other factors.  Petrelis’ donated books failed the test, Martin-Albright said.  “Anything on the library has to earn its real estate,” she said Wednesday.  The Wasilla library does have children’s books dealing with homosexuality, including one title, “And Tango Makes Three,” about two male penguins raising an egg together.  More

If you don’t have time to read the article, at least try to make some time for the article’s comments.  Interesting dialogue.

One title?  What?  About penguins?  Ok, “And Tango Makes Three” is a really great book; I own it.  However,  it is a book about animals.  Is there no room for a children’s book that has two gay characters who are people?  Can someone please explain to me why these books about two people who are in a committed relationship are so taboo?  Ok, I get that the sex freaks people out.  I get that.  But guess what, there is no talk of sex in these books.  arghhhhhhh.  The books are poorly made?  Poor illustrations?  Get real.  Do you know how many books were read to me about farmers, firemen and princesses?  This kid is never going to be a farmer, fireman, or a princess (well, when I was 5 does not count.)


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