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netvibes.com, you complete me

Dear Netvibes.com:

Thank you Netvibes.com , you have really changed my life.  I no longer have to go through my list of bookmarked sites I check daily in hopes that there is new information posted.  Netvibes.com, with you I just have to make one click to you and like magic, I know which of my favorite sites have been updated and which not to waste my time on.  Oh, and Netvibes.com, you save me even more time when you list what is new on your page so I don’t even need to go to the individual websites, of course unless I have the time.  Netbvibes.com, you really know how to rock RSS feeds.  Without you, RSS feeds are nothing, and I am not just saying that.

Netvibes.com, I am sorry I did not give you a chance earlier, when I was first introduced to aggregators.  I was ignorant and thought bookmarks was where it was at.  There are so many perks to having you in my life, I can’t even imagine being online without you.  Netvibes.com, you provide me with so many options; I would like to list a few here, so you begin to understand how much I really do appreciate you.

Netvibes.com here are just a few of the things that you do to complete me:

1.        Provide a link to facebook.com.  Netvibes.com, you are one of the few that really know how much time I spend on facebook.

2.       Let me know what the weather is like, even though I don’t go outside because I would rather spend all of my time with you.

3.       Provide me with the latest news; obviously I need to know what Brittany is doing right now and how much Barak has fundraised this month.

4.       Let me know when my classmates update their blogs so I am not the last one to update mine and when it is time to make comments.

5.       Provide direct access to google.com and flickr.com.  I no longer have to waste my time typing their direct urls.

Netbives.com, there are so many more reasons why I totally digg you, but that is for later.  Before you, netvibes.com, some may have considered me slightly antisocial.  But now netvibes.com, I am able to participate in so many different online communities and efficiently with you.  Netvibes.com, you make it so easy to check up on all my friends, and they don’t even know. I am so glad you save me time with direct access to all the blogs I stalk, you leave me with more time to stalk.

This, Netvibes.com is why you have changed my life.

Forever yours (unless something better comes along),



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