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And we launched Twitter today from the basement

Today was the day I sent out the e-mail memo from my cubical in the basement of a university building  to all the Dynamic Digital Signage administrators and users at a higher ed institution located in a largish Minnesota metropolitan city that has an East Bank, a West Bank and a Saint Paul.  Approximately….well….several people received the email explaining to them why the department is using Twitter and why they should too.  I understand it may take some time to catch on, but by the “end of the work day” today, five clients are following us.

I am kind of really excited about this.


To be blown away by the  CTS Dynamic Digital Signage Twitter AWESOMENESS click here


Libraries too could benefit from this new, now almost mainstream technology….Branding at it’s finest, some may say.

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DDS on Twitter


For months I have been talking about Twitter in the office I work at  located in a basement in the center of Minneapolis on the East Bank of a campus.


today …..

together with my Dynamic Digital Signagepartners in crime Eric and Jade, we totally set up a Twitter account.  We will be using the HOTTEST social networking site for FAQs, Tips, marketing, etc, etc, etc.  Essentially, creating a dialogue with and amongst our clients as well as…well,  having a presence.  Its all about branding, someone somewhere once said.


Stay tuned




if that other place I worked at would jump on this wagon, all would be good.

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Favorite Music Video of the Week

So I am driving to the northern suburban library, and it is like whoa, far (a 7 hour walk according to mapquest) and I am listening to the radio and  a super fantastic song comes on, but I don’t know what it is.  So I pick up my phone, turn on Shazam and tag the song as it is playing on the radio.  What is this song that I need to know the name of?  

You’re a Wolf by Sea Wolf


I spend about an hour in the car a day to get to and from that library.  When I tell people this, they are like, OMG, that is a long commute.  Yes, it is, but I love what I do, and I love having the opportunity to listen to 89.3 The Current and discover new music that I may have not been aware of earlier.  You can totally listen to The Current on-line as well.  Just click here

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Street Art Locator

I recently became “friends” with Village Savant on Twitter.  This morning they posted a link to one of the most amazing blogs/websites I have seen in a while, Street Art Locator.     Street Art Locator is one of the best and most amazing examples of web 2.0 mash-ups I have seen.  The image below is a Google map displaying street art across the globe.  

So you know what that means…..Everytime I see street art from now on, I can go to Street Art Locator    upload the location and image and awesomeness is observed by all.







P.S. I am fairly certain mash-ups are being integrated into library web-sites as we speak.  


This  street art video is so totally rad.  Hold on to your seat.  Seriously.


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VHS, no more.  Stand alone VCRs extinct.  Link

Which is funny, because a patron asked me last week, “what is VHS?”




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Digital Signage

I really need to work on my interview skills.  I am always quoted saying the lamest things. 

Education:  The Loneliest Help Desk in Town

How rad would it be to integrate digital signage systems into libraries?  Way finding?  Program marketing?  RSS feeds?  Collection info?  Conference room scheduling?  Patron of the month?  And with digital signage, there is no tape involved; totally bringing sexy back.


Today’s MN Daily Letter to the Editor is in regard to a department’s decision to install digital signage using budgetary funds from a previous fiscal year.  Budgets are not a reflection of the current economy, but what was happening the year before or the year before that.  Not until next year and the year after that will we really feel the effects of the current economic stresses.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps of the year

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on an iPhone, and it has really changed my life.  However, the phone is way more fun if you know how to use it and use it for all it is worth.  This may mean uploading and using applications.  Apple recently announced the top 10 applications for the iPhone  this year in the categories of games, entertainment, utilities, social networking and music.  For more info

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Lets get it together

Michele Bachmann is Twittering, why aren’t you?

*Michele Bachmann hiding in the bushes at a GLBT rally*

*Michele Bachman making out with a Bush*

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Lets talk about Twitter more


From Canada to London:  How Twitter Opens (Conference) Doors

As Twitter matures and empowers people, users of the micro-blogger service are finding more ingenious ways to communicate. Twittering or sending tweets (updates) about conferences or live events, such as the Presidential debates, are gaining in popularity.  More

I challenge you all to try Twitter out if you have not yet already.  Here, I will make it easy for you.  Click on this Link  If you are feeling really adventurous, search for me, my handle is wrmarsolek

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