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RNC 8 on Democracy Now


ok, I know this is a late posting, but better late then never, right?


The RNC 8 on Democracy Now! Weds. Feb 18

The RNC 8 case will be featured on Democracy Now!  The
show can be heard live at 7amCST on WBAI 99.5 in NYC (
and at 12pmCST in the Twin Cites on KFAI 90.3 ( Check local
listings for other areas.

In Minneapolis, Democracy Now! is aired on MTN TV channel 17 at 7am and
10pm, and in St. Paul it’s aired on SPNN channel 15 at 7am and 4pm.

Attorney Jordan Kushner and his client Luce Guillen-Givens will be on the
air in the second half hour. They’ll discuss the latest in the case, the
ramifications of prosecutions, and some other surprises. Democracy Now!
archives their shows in audio and video right away at

Turn on, Tune In, Fight the Power!
Defend the RNC8!

Get updates with Twitter at

Sign a petition to Defend the RNC8 at


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Artist of the Week

I just read about Amy Rice, who just happens to be from Minneapolis, in Stencil Nation by Russell Howes.  Totally rad book and totally rad lady.

Amy Rice - play

Amy Rice - play


Amy Rice website

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Totally Want to Be Nancy Pelosi’s Friend and This is Why

Please take the time to watch this video posted by the Speaker of the House, your friend and mine Nancy Pelosi.  The video provides a little insight into her life and thoughts.

I love her and her sense of humor.

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Artist of the Week

Cathrine Opie, photographer
















The above photo of  Katherine Moennig taken by Opie, was auctioned off to benefit PAWS/LA, a Los Angeles-based non-profit agency that assists low-income people living with HIV/AIDS and other disabling illnesses to keep and care for their companion animals in 2007.

Guggenheim link with video

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National Drag History Month

“January 2009 marks the first-ever celebration of National Drag History Month! This month-long event salutes the richness of drag culture and pays tribute to the courageous queens & kings who have fought for equality while inspiring, educating & entertaining us all.”

BeautyQueen 1



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“experiment in phenomenology”

While walking in Uptown Saturday night, I spotted this little guy.  Looks like a Banksyknock off.  Oh man, it would be totally awesome if Banksy was in MPLS.  An amazing vacation= visiting Banksy locations . 

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?  Andy Warhol mocked popular culture.  Sherri Levine borrowed from Duchamp’s Fountain.  GirlTalkmashes everyone’s work.  Collaboration has potential for really amazing forms of expression.











And then on Sunday I spotted this Shepard Fairey wall:


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Converse, have you heard of them?

Your friend and mine, Rachel Maddow is featured in the newest Vogue.  See Link for article


She talks a tiny bit about Twitter!  Duh, she is totally in the know.

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