RNC 8 on Democracy Now


ok, I know this is a late posting, but better late then never, right?


The RNC 8 on Democracy Now! Weds. Feb 18

The RNC 8 case will be featured on Democracy Now!  The
show can be heard live at 7amCST on WBAI 99.5 in NYC (http://stream.wbai.org)
and at 12pmCST in the Twin Cites on KFAI 90.3 (http://kfai.org) Check local
listings for other areas.

In Minneapolis, Democracy Now! is aired on MTN TV channel 17 at 7am and
10pm, and in St. Paul it’s aired on SPNN channel 15 at 7am and 4pm.

Attorney Jordan Kushner and his client Luce Guillen-Givens will be on the
air in the second half hour. They’ll discuss the latest in the case, the
ramifications of prosecutions, and some other surprises. Democracy Now!
archives their shows in audio and video right away at

Turn on, Tune In, Fight the Power!
Defend the RNC8!


Get updates with Twitter at

Sign a petition to Defend the RNC8 at


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podcast @ your library

How great would it be if all of the amazing events that were held at your library were recorded and could be found on the library website.  Awesome, I know.   Even if patrons were unable to attend the event, they would still be able to benefit from the event.  Wait, what if you could even keep track of the hits the video or audio recording  received, what if you could add that to your numbers of those in attendance?

A few libraries that are podcasting:

Free Library of Philidelphia

Denver Public Library

Seattle Public Library

Not sure how to get started podcasting your library events?  The Librarian in Black has some great materials she is willing to share with you, obviously some credit will need to be given.

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Embrace 2.0

If someone came up to me and said:  Hey, we don’t have any money, but we really need to boost the library’s presence and image.  Do you have any ideas?

I would say:







examples of libraries using Twitter: Hennipen County Library, Danbury Library and DC Public Library


examples of libraies using Flickr:   Lester Public Library,  Cape May County Library  and Hennepin County Library

This one thinks libraries need to be where our users are. 


Why not?

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If I would have made time to write about an Artist of the Week last week it would have been Sarah King

So last week when I was looking through one of my favorite blogs, Neatorama, I was introduced to Sarah King.








Pretty neat, huh?  Her use of text is pretty stunning.

Check out some of Sarah’s latest work along with some of her friends by pressing this

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The Quest Continues

I am always on the look out for street art.  My latest sightings occured in Dinkytown.  More than meets the eye, the transformer homage was spotted one morning while I was parking my car.





















Teri and I spotted this little piece after seeing Lykke Li at the Varsity Theatre in Dinkytown.  WB= that suburban library off of I94.










PS  if you ever have a chance to see a show at the Varsity.  DO IT.  Seriously, amazing venue.  The atmosphere is amazing.


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Artist of the Week

I have recently been following MOMA on Twitter.  I really love what several art museums are doing with Twitter.  I hope that libraries catch on to the amazingness that  Twitter can bring.

Anyway… last week MOMA tweeted about artist Debra Hamptonwho is also on Twitter.  OMG, can you believe it?  I am fairly certain the world will never be the same now that Twitter has infiltrated and is broadening the world’s scope or at least my scope.








Debra Hampton’s website

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Post Secret

Every Monday I visit the Post Secret website.  I think this is an amazing project.  I have been following it for almost a couple of years.  You never know who is sending in the secrets.  The secrets we are reading could be your mom’s, your flat mates, or even your co-workers.   This week, a post really caught my eye:


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