If I would have made time to write about an Artist of the Week last week it would have been Sarah King

So last week when I was looking through one of my favorite blogs, Neatorama, I was introduced to Sarah King.








Pretty neat, huh?  Her use of text is pretty stunning.

Check out some of Sarah’s latest work along with some of her friends by pressing this

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The Quest Continues

I am always on the look out for street art.  My latest sightings occured in Dinkytown.  More than meets the eye, the transformer homage was spotted one morning while I was parking my car.





















Teri and I spotted this little piece after seeing Lykke Li at the Varsity Theatre in Dinkytown.  WB= that suburban library off of I94.










PS  if you ever have a chance to see a show at the Varsity.  DO IT.  Seriously, amazing venue.  The atmosphere is amazing.


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Artist of the Week

I have recently been following MOMA on Twitter.  I really love what several art museums are doing with Twitter.  I hope that libraries catch on to the amazingness that  Twitter can bring.

Anyway… last week MOMA tweeted about artist Debra Hamptonwho is also on Twitter.  OMG, can you believe it?  I am fairly certain the world will never be the same now that Twitter has infiltrated and is broadening the world’s scope or at least my scope.








Debra Hampton’s website

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Post Secret

Every Monday I visit the Post Secret website.  I think this is an amazing project.  I have been following it for almost a couple of years.  You never know who is sending in the secrets.  The secrets we are reading could be your mom’s, your flat mates, or even your co-workers.   This week, a post really caught my eye:


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Favorite Music Videos of the Week

The GRAMMY Awards are a little over a week away!  I’m kind of a sucker for music award shows.  Just sayin.

Record of the Year nominees are: Adele, Coldplay, Leona Lewis, M.I.A. and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

I am fairly certain Adele will win.  However, I would like to see M.I.A. bring it home.


Chasing Pavement by Adele

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Paper Planes by M.I.A.

Please Read the Letter by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

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Street Art Locator

I recently became “friends” with Village Savant on Twitter.  This morning they posted a link to one of the most amazing blogs/websites I have seen in a while, Street Art Locator.     Street Art Locator is one of the best and most amazing examples of web 2.0 mash-ups I have seen.  The image below is a Google map displaying street art across the globe.  

So you know what that means…..Everytime I see street art from now on, I can go to Street Art Locator    upload the location and image and awesomeness is observed by all.







P.S. I am fairly certain mash-ups are being integrated into library web-sites as we speak.  


This  street art video is so totally rad.  Hold on to your seat.  Seriously.


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Artist of the Week

I just read about Amy Rice, who just happens to be from Minneapolis, in Stencil Nation by Russell Howes.  Totally rad book and totally rad lady.

Amy Rice - play

Amy Rice - play


Amy Rice website

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Favorite Music Videos of the Week

Why do you let me stay here by She and Him


Ooh la la by Goldfrapp

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This is really rawkin my socks off.  I heart Shepard Fairey’s work and now Ican just pretty much make my own and so can you.















make your own

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Artist of the Week

Femke Hiemstra’s work is so superduper rad.  Seriously.   Femke’s art focuses on paint, digital creations, and graphite drawings.


Femke’s website Link

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