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Happy Halloween ya’ll


I really regret not purchasing this sweater.  It would have been very useful up north, help me fit right in.


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One man’s trophy is this womyn’s something else





This picture was in my e-mail this morning.

My step-dad finally got his trophy buck.  Congratulations Doc Holliday!  I don’t understand the hunting excitement, but I can understand its existance.  Even with that deer, he is so cute.

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Tweeting in rural Sconie

My mom is on Twitter.  Love it.

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Go Hanig! Go Kristen! Watch out Boston!

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  wooooooooooowhoooooooooooooooooooo! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

That is how I spent my morning…in the rain…in the cold…cheering on those hard core Twin Cities Marathon runners

oh wow, what a day.  I can not even imagine running 26.2 miles, it was hard work just being a SUPER FAN.  Our plan to make 4 check points was not very successful.  We made it to the 5 mile check point.  Then we ran into a detour at the crosstown which caused us to be late to the 11 mile check point.  We did some cheering anyway and sang Blame it on the Rain…yeah yeah accompanied by some killer cow bell by Mr. Level!  But we missed Hanig and Kristen.  We then decided to cancel the other check points and met up again at the finish line at the capitol to make sure we were there to cheer on the sexy beasts!  We waited and waited for Hanig and then almost missed her because she is just so fast.

Hanig is in the sexy black socks.  Hanig also qualified for the Boston Marathon, unbelievable!

Impressive!  I realized, a marathon is something I will never do.  Maybe an 8k.  We can’t all run the marathon, someone needs to cheer on the runners.

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For the record, my hair is not dyed

Here is that Congressional Quarterly interview I spoke of last week at the anti-war rally.  Nothing is ever off the record, must remember that.

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Day 3 of QC and IFLA

I said no to the eggs this morning and went with potatoes, a croissant, and a chocolate milk.  After breakfast, Anne, Larry and I took the bus towards the convention center.  We got off the bus a few stops early to grab a cup of coffee.  However, nothing was open until we got right next to the convention center.  I started out the day by at the Rare Books and Manuscripts session.  There was 1 paper in French, one in English and 1 in Spanish, so I  used a translation head set; totally awesome and accessible.


I then attended the literacy and public libraries with multicultural populations.  Upon my arrival, the room was a chaotic scramble of people; it seemed to overwhelming to me for the small space so I decided to take a walk around the old city. 

After the walk I attended a class meeting.  We broke up into small groups to discuss out conference experiences thus far related to what we have discussed in our course work throughout the program.

I then had lunch of bar fare with the two boys, Adam and Larry.  We had a great conversation about music.


After lunch I attended the Library Theory session which focused on the Library as a place (third place).  I came in late, so I sat in the second row and was surrounded by the presenters.  A little uncomfortable.  Olaf Eignenbrodt a young man from Berlin spoke about the Arendian Perspective (Hanna Arendt German-American Political Scientist).  As Mr. Eignenbrodt walked up on stage and welcomed us, I heard a womyn behind me say “sounds like he is 14.”  Not cool. 

Another presenter used the psychology of religion to examine the library as a place (church as place v library as place; analogy of church and library being a place).  This analogy didn’t seem to go over with me very well.  I need some time to let this marinate before I go into it more, I don’t want to say something I may regret.

I next attended the session Women, Information and Libraries Discussion Group.  This was a room with several round tables. 

Seven womyn and one man were at my table.  The man happened to be the Director a Finland University Library.  At first I thought it was brilliant for him to attend a session about empowering women, as it is likely he works with women.  But as the session went on it turned out his motives may have been different.  Dr. Loriene Roy, past ALA president, discussed how managing a successful blog and being a part of a social network such as Facebook can be very helpful ways to empower ones career.  I attended a small groups session with 12 other women  from the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the Philippians to discuss Big Sister, Little sister, a mentoring program IFLA will soon be implementing.


To end the night I attended movie night where we watched The Hollywood Librarian directed by Ann Seidal.

  There were several clips of movies with librarians such as Party Girl, Desk Set, Matilda, Storm Center, Soylent Green, and Goodbye Columbus.  Along wit the clips there were interviews with librarians across the U.S.   They all discussed how fortunate they are to be librarians, how they love their jobs.  The other main discussion point was lack of funding, typical.  A womyn from France sat next to us and she told us she had no idea that libraries in the U.S. struggle as they do.

Ann Seidal has come up with a Librarian Paradox:  The better librarians do their jobs, the less respect they get; librarians are making themselves invisible the harder they work.

Librarians make their jobs look easy; therefore the public is not clued into how much amazing work librarians actually do.

Librarians must find new ways to explain what we do; organize knowledge, collect knowledge, and disseminate knowledge. 

After dinner with Caralyn at a crepe shop and a street performance, we called it an early night.

This conference stuff is exhausting.

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Arrived in Quebec City!

After much confusion at the bus station (obviously I was alone and no one understood me) I made it on a bus that arrived in Quebec City.  The bus ride was about 3 hours long; looked a lot like the I94 route.  I played guitar hero for much of the way.  Prior to boarding the bus, a man dressed in a colonial French outfit handed me a lunch bag with a bottle of water and a brownie.  Very friendly.

Once at the bus station in QC, I happened to see a cab pull up so I jumped in and was off to Laval University where I will be sleeping on a cot in a dorm for the next four nights.

The U.S. delegation met for an hour to talk about next year’s IFLA in Milan and go over some business.  Afterwards there was a reception where the librarians drank and were merry.  Anne, my classmate urged me to talk to new people which is very difficult for me to do.  I spotted a young man with a bow-tie so I approached him and started talking bow-ties.  From there I was introduced to the rest of his group from South Carolina.  One of their members is presenting on Art Libraries on Sunday.  From the reception Anne and I headed to a pub with our new friends.  I sat next to a John who is with ALA and we started talking gaming and how he would be interested in me writing an article for ALA.  We exchanged cards and continued being merry.  Despite my lack of networking skills, this is an amazing opportunity and even after my first few hours I am making great connections!


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