Artist of the Week

Susan Mikula is a Polaroid artist. Info


I may be biased.  Once you learn a bit more about her, you may understand why.


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2 responses to “Artist of the Week

  1. Skout

    You have to be joking! Susan Mikula is an artist? I say she must be a spoiled brat with a trust fund who can afford to be a BAD wanna be artist. If this crapola is art then the art world has really sunk way downhill. Give us a break, I love Rachel and her show and was hoping her partner was just as talented in her “AHHHHT” profession but after seeing these bad photos, I can just shake my head in disbelief.

    Just a matter of time before Rachel dumps Suzie for Ana Marie Cox anyway. You see these two on the show and there is hot hot hot chemistry. Ana Marie is the young babe who with knock Sue Mikula out of the way. After all, her marriage is on the rocks because of her crush on Rachel.

  2. Linda

    I love Mikula’s work–even more than I dislike your comment–which was needlessly personal and very revealing about you. Really distasteful.
    As far as the artwork, I find it evocative and mesmerizing. It really draws me in and lets me feel the atmosphere. I just bought two copies of the book..

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