Double Sticker Day at Downtime

Every Monday, I eat lunch at Downtime in Dinkytown.  Monday is double sticker day.  Six stickers gets you $10 off your bill (this includes booze, not bad).  It takes us all of 2.5 minutes to get to Downtime from our underground office.


Every Monday, I order a Pineapple and Jalapeno pizza with white sauce.


And today I had lunch with some of the U of M’s  finest:


Jade, Rita, me and Maya



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2 responses to “Double Sticker Day at Downtime

  1. I was just thinking about downtime yesterday. If I do end up moving back up there in January I was going to ask you if you’d like to try a new bar once a month. You know, so we don’t run out too quickly. Like new-bar-third-thursdays or something.

  2. wrmarsolek

    Best idea Kate Mills, the best idea of the day!

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