Rocking Roy Wilkins Roller Grrrrrrrrrrl style

I don’t even really know what happened at the Roller Girlsmatch.  Girls on roller skates with cool nick names shoving each other around.  Doesn’t really do anything for me.  But what does do something for me is this:


A polka band at half time.  Seriously, who hates it when you can “polka-your-eyes-out?”  And the standard beverage of choice for those who are not elitist beer drinkers is PBR.  PBR and polka music, every anarchist’s dream.

oh, and if anyone knows who this is, please let me know.  She kept giving us the evil eye when we were trying to get our polka on.  And then she followed us into the bathroom and continued to give the evil eye, so I snapped this and I am pretty sure she had no clue.  Clueless in general.


what is up with that?

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