15 two, 15 four, and there ain’t no more

Saturday before the Roller Girls matchat Roy Wilkins, I played cribbage with Change Angent and company.  And I am sad to report, for the second time I was dethroned of my 6th grade Cribbage Champion status.  Yes, second time.  I am just now admitting that I was beat the first time.  The first time took place in a break room in a Suburban Library near I94.  And it was only half a game as that is what 15 minutes allows you.  But now as I havehad time to reflect, MzH did in fact win that game.


The second time I was beat was a game of pairs.  Two of the four of us knew how to play.  Doesn’t matter, I didn’t hold up my end of the deal.  At least we were not skunked.  We need more cribbage in our lives.



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2 responses to “15 two, 15 four, and there ain’t no more

  1. More cribbage is on its way my friend. Indeed it is.

  2. Dan Klemis

    I wondering if you could help me with a scoring issue I had; the cards were 8, three 9’s and a ten. I scored it as a double double-run for 16, but my opponent said it was only 15. Which is correct? – Dan.

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