Shelving provided me with insight

Part of the training for my new job is to become familiar with the collection and and layout of the space.  Yesterday while I was shelving Easies (children’s books) I spotted this out of the corner of my eye:


Pretty rad.  I am so  flippin happy and proud that this book is on the shelf in the library I work at.  Which now that I think about it is kind of sad.  What makes me so happy about this?  Maybe its the fact that so many libraries are confronted by homophobes to not have the item in the collection.  blah blah blah Maybe I will start writing children’s books with gay characters, rainbows, parades, flannel, hiking boots, cargo pants, granola, vegetarians, feminists, and hair stylists.  I need an illustrator though for some inspiration.



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2 responses to “Shelving provided me with insight

  1. oh man, i totally want to write children’s books too! we need an illustrator…

  2. I have a pal who wants to publish said books….

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