First Day @ the Northern Suburban Library Near 35E

I received my Librarian name tag yesterday. I guess it is official. I am a muther effin librarian! Watch out world. I also find in ironic that I received a notice from my bank that my student loan repayment is about to begin. hmmmm.
Here are some facts about my new branch and its surrounding area:
The cities population according to the last census is 14,440. Whitehall is 1, 300. St. Paul is 287,151.
The city is 125 mi south of Duluth. I have only been to Duluth once for 5 minutes to get salted licorice at that candy store near Grandma’s.
The branch has a blue postal box in its parking lot.
Next to that blue postal box is a St. Paul Pi Press newspaper thingy.

I can’t give away too much in this posting, I need to keep you all on edge.

It is very cold inside, which is very good as I like to layer. Very excited about this.

And this is what I saw as I left the branch.

Later in the evening, I had dinner at Sawatdee with my friend Teena.  I ordered a bloody mary along with my Toam Yum.  I told the server I like olives.  Its no secret.  And this is what she brought out to me.  I understand the image quality is not so great, but I think you will get the idea.


yes, there are eight olives in that drink.


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One response to “First Day @ the Northern Suburban Library Near 35E

  1. omg. that’s a lot of olives.

    i’m very excited to hear about your librarian adventures.

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