19 degrees is not too cold to long board

I was running a little late this morning so I found it necessary to long board from my car to my office this morning so I would have time to stop in at my favorite coffee spot Espresso Royale.


I am pretty good at long boarding and holding my coffee, no spills yet to report.  I am going to have to long board (yes it is a verb) as much as I can in the next few weeks before the snow hits.  Then I will have to get my hands on a snowskate




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3 responses to “19 degrees is not too cold to long board

  1. sweet green shoes.

    we hangin’ this week? i hope so.

  2. Karen H.

    “…no spills to report yet”.
    Now that is talent!
    i can’t bike and coffee at the same time without splashing.
    Congratulations on getting the official Librarian nametag.

  3. Dear Librarian-

    I have a snowskate. I would like to snowskate with you this winter. If you don’t have one yet we can take turns and you can borrow mine.



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