Traded to the Northern Suburban Library off of I35E

Today I made my first visit to the Northern Suburban Library off of I35E (NSL).  I must tell you the NSL space may have knocked my socks off.  If you don’t believe me, I will personally take a road trip with you to prove it.  And you know what else, I will drive because gas is $2.19 there (gas station down the street from me is $2.34).  Even though my drive may be a bit further, I will be saving money if I purchase my gas near the NSL.  Also, the NSL has a killer soda machine with my favorite sodas.  This is important because I did not see a coffee shop anywhere near by.

Do you see that?  Sunkist, Mt Dew and even Diet Mt Dew.  Do you know how rare Diet Mt Dew is in a vending machine?  I do, very very rare.

So I already knew I would be ok here as the soda machine was the first thing I noticed walking into the building.  After this discovery I entered the library.

Look at the cool staff selections area.  Pretty sweet.  Very appealing.  Accessible.  Nice marketing layout.  This retail retiree is pleased.

A rad designated teen area.  Yes, those are board games you see.

Entrance to the children’s area.  Sunlight?  Yes.  Also, if you notice the carpet is different in the children’s area than it is outside of it.  The decor is totally aesthetically pleasing.  Ok, I will admit it, that library is hawt.

Children’s area.  Windows, everywhere fantastic windows.

Nook in the the children’s area.  Super cute.  And just so ya’ll know, these two patrons were there reading before I arrived, this is not staged.  I even asked their permission to take this photo. Yes, even with all the technology available, people still read.  They even read together.

light in the children’s area

Picture take from the reading loft.  There are so many computers, I am so excited for the patrons to have so much access.


I was really impressed with the space and I look forward to seeing how the patrons use it.


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