“This is Paul Wellstone’s seat and Al Franken deserves it”

Among the 2,200 hundred people packed into the McNamera Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota was this kid.  I asked my supervisor if I could leave early today to listen to a lady speak at McNamera, I almost felt like I needed a note from my mom.  I arrived at McNamera at 3:45pm and the line was already a wrapped around the Alumni Center’s knoll.  I waited maybe 20 minutes and then the line started to move.  The rally was really powerful with all of the amazing Democrats in the hiz-ouse like Mayor RT Rybak, Amy Klobuchar, and Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  OMG, I know this is inappropriate, by HRClinton’s hair was so god today.  And….her outfit was not a weir pastel color.  HRClinton looked so goo up on that stage.  And…She sounded even better.  The crowd loved loved loved her and i had instant perma-grin once she was at the podium.  


Al Franken and HRClinton were great together on stage.  Barack Obama is going to have a great team!

Some amazing stuff is going to be happening soon!  Its already beginning!


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