Memorial Ride to Honor Fallen Bicyclists

Between Mucha and I, we have a pretty good idea of what is going on in this town.  After the Ani Difranco show last night, Mucha was checking her Twitter tweets and told me about a bike ride taking place Saturday to honor the four bicyclists  that were killed in September in separate areas of the Twin Cities.  The ride was scheduled to meet at Snelling and Summit and go towards MPLS.  

I rode to the meeting spot by myself  and was only uncomfortable for a  few minutes.  Then I befriended a few men with rainbow stickers on their bikes.  They complemented by front wheel light generator.

I expected to be about 50 riders.  I was wrong.  It seemed like there were a few hundred.  There were bicyclists for blocks.  We obeyed traffic lights and rode with traffic.

We rode down Snelling to Marshall (which turns into Lake) to Portland back over to Lake St. and then over to Excelsior Blvd visiting ghost bikes along the way.  From there we biked back to Uptown, down Hennipen over to Nicolett and on to Gold Medal Park.  

This was my first group ride and it was a great experience.  Most of my riding consists of riding from the mid depths of downtown Saint Paul to the U of M campus at 6:30am so this was a really nice change of scenery.  For the distance we traveled, I hope that enough people saw us and I hope we raised some awareness.  I did see Renee Tessman schlepping a tripod behind her camera guy so hopefully there will also be some media prescience.  I only wish it would have been Jana Shortal.

Along with spandex and lycra there were a few other fashion statements that are note worthy:

ZUBAZ, Minnesota made!

Socks with those individual toes!


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