RNC Day 3: Calm before the storm

Today was a little more quiet.  I rode my bike over to Rice Park where MSNBC is filming live as well as the east entrance into the River Centre/Xcel Center.  Boring, boring, boring.  Three people approached me with questions.  Nothing much to look at.    As I was walking towards 7th Place Park I saw

The park was closed off, a young person had thrown a firecracker out their window and was cuffed once he walked out of his apartment.  Tensions are running high.  


After watching the RNC on TV, I was appalled after hearing the chant “Drill Baby Drill.”  Wow.  I am not one to talk/yell at the tv, but it happened for most of the “speeches.”


Please check out this video by gnooze that was posted on twincities.indymedia.org

The video is just some of the Tuesday Night Poor Peoples March aftermath.

The police had blocked off all side streets and forced us back to the capitol after the march.  From there you really had to know the area to get back downtown if you lived there due to several of the streets being blocked by riot police.  The police were there to protect, but they did a great job of intimidating too.


PS, I know you all read that Palin was interested in banning books from her city’s library.  She never followed through….


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