RNC Day 2: gas masks, the latest fad

Ripple Effect provided a day of music and activism


Group hug during Matisyahu’s set

Michael Franti

Police not letting Rage Against the Machine play.  The police think RATM may incite a riot.  Perhaps the police are attempting to incite a riot if they don’t let RATM play.  In the end RATM is not allowed to go on stage.  Instead they go to the front of the stage with a megaphone and perform a couple of songs while the crowd kneels down to let everyone else see.  Amazing.

Poor Peoples’ March (group had permit)

When is the last time you saw police on bikes with gas masks?


and more gas masks

and more, scary police on top of cars with rubber pellet guns.

Thanks to Twitter we learned that the police had notified area hospitals that they would begin using gas soon.  That was our cue to leave.


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