I have wanted Kinoki Foot Pads for the longest time.  Everytime I go to the Mall of America (which is more often than I would like to admit) I stop in at the As Seen On TV store to see if they have the Kinoki Foot Pads.  I would always leave empty handed.  However, as a gift for completing my program, Mucha ordered me the KINOKI FOOT PADS!!!!  I know, I know, everyone says detoxifing foot pads are a scam.  I really don’t care if they do anything, I just want to see what happens when I use them.  So, probably just like you I am very curious to see what happans

The packaging


The instructions

the pad (notice the detoxifying agents)


my foot and a pad, 10:30pm


 The pad, 6:00am

Gross, but not as gross as I was hoping for.  Maybe Canada detoxified me.  It is suggested to only use everyother day, I will try it again tomorrow night.


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  1. “Gross, but not as gross as I was hoping for.”

    Good, good times.

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