Arrived in Quebec City!

After much confusion at the bus station (obviously I was alone and no one understood me) I made it on a bus that arrived in Quebec City.  The bus ride was about 3 hours long; looked a lot like the I94 route.  I played guitar hero for much of the way.  Prior to boarding the bus, a man dressed in a colonial French outfit handed me a lunch bag with a bottle of water and a brownie.  Very friendly.

Once at the bus station in QC, I happened to see a cab pull up so I jumped in and was off to Laval University where I will be sleeping on a cot in a dorm for the next four nights.

The U.S. delegation met for an hour to talk about next year’s IFLA in Milan and go over some business.  Afterwards there was a reception where the librarians drank and were merry.  Anne, my classmate urged me to talk to new people which is very difficult for me to do.  I spotted a young man with a bow-tie so I approached him and started talking bow-ties.  From there I was introduced to the rest of his group from South Carolina.  One of their members is presenting on Art Libraries on Sunday.  From the reception Anne and I headed to a pub with our new friends.  I sat next to a John who is with ALA and we started talking gaming and how he would be interested in me writing an article for ALA.  We exchanged cards and continued being merry.  Despite my lack of networking skills, this is an amazing opportunity and even after my first few hours I am making great connections!


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2 responses to “Arrived in Quebec City!

  1. Awesome!

    If you ever need test subjects for your gaming articles, you know where to find me!

  2. mucha

    dude, you must be enjoying yourself, because i keep looking for postings and seeing none..

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