Day 4 in Montreal

Last night we went to Chu Chai for dinner, a vegetarian Thai restaurant.

The menu was quite extensive everything from tofu to vegetarian fish and shrimp (made of soy as well).  I had the vegetarian shrimp, baby corn and mushrooms with five sauces.  Lets just say the shrimp looked a little to real for me and had the texture and flavor of real shrimp; my gag reflux prevented me from eating the shrimp.  I thought I should try it out though since the only vegetarian options in the 651/612 are tofu and mock duck.

We also had tofu like sandwiches for our appetizer.  It was a fried triangle of tofu sliced with cucumber, cilantro and a secret sauce, it was really one of the best appetizers I have had.


So today

Breakfast consisted of orange juice, apricot juice, coffee, fresh fruit (melon, water melon and blue berries w/ yogurt) and tomato and onion quiche.  Again, delicious.

Then, obviously, we went shopping.  That is all I will say about that.

We made our way back downtown to the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).  The temporary exhibition was Love:  Yves Saint Laurent.  YSL was in the original building along with the Canadian and design perminant collection.

It was pretty amazing to see his cloths and how they evolved, what a brilliant man.  What he did for women’s clothing is amazing.  It takes a couple of years to pull an exhibition together and YSL just passed away this year; he was the only living designer to have an exhibition of his work while still alive.

Directly across the street is the rest of the permanent collection in the expansion.

To my surprise you could take photos in the galleries as long as you did not use a flash.  This was not really all that exciting until I found this:










Yeah, that is A Panel of Experts by Jean-Michel Basquiat. That painting totally made my day.

After the museum, we remembered it is a good idea to eat lunch, even if it was already 4pm.  We found a little crepe shop and shared a nutella and banana crepe.

After the crepe, we needed to get out of the rain so we found another underground shopping “mall.”  The mall is connected to the subway so we jumped on it and made our way back for some nap time and blog time.  Tomorrow, Mucha goes home and I continue on to Quebec City by bus.  It is a 3.5 bus ride so I should get caught up on my reading and video gaming.  Tomorrow night is the Welcome for U.S. delegates at IFLA.  Oh man, I am kind of getting tired of living out of a suite case.



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2 responses to “Day 4 in Montreal

  1. patricia

    It looked like shrimp!

  2. Basquait? Freakin’ awesome.

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