Day 2 in Montreal (still in Canada)

Last night’s dining experience was, well an experience.  We went to Spirits

Our server was our cook.  As we entered the complex, there were no bonjours or hellos exchanged, rather a “Have you been here before?  Do you know its vegan?”  No.  And yes were our replies.  Actually I did not know it was vegan, but all the better.  We found an empty table outside (there were other people so we knew we would be ok.)  The server/cook came to our table and proceeded to say, “So I propose a meal for you for $15 each.  The rules are you have to eat everything on your plate.  You will have soup and then crepe with vegetables.  You can buy a bottle of water for $2.  There is a standard portion size and a smaller portion size, which would you like?”  Ok, if we have to eat everything on this plate we better go for the smaller portion.    Just keep remembering there are other people here, we will be ok.

The food was great, but we were still a little creaped out by the place.


So back to today.  We woke up and it was kind of rainy.  We went down for breakfast which consisted of coffee, orange juice, apricot juice, melon and blueberries with that awesome yogurt, toast and really awesome eggs.  

After breakfast due to the weather we decided to go to the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal.  Then a funny thing happened, this dude approached Mucha and I and asked us for directions in French.  We starred at him for a bit, 1.  because how the hell did he think we would know where he wanted to go (we must look like we are Montrealites) and 2. the whole French thing has put us at a disadvantage.  We basically blurted out “English” and then everyone involved laughed and went on their way.  Mucha and I know these little French phrases to use, put when put to the test, we totally forget and become naive Americans.

We checked out the Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Created, Everything is  Transformed exhibition and the Music Video exhibition.  I love love love music videos, every Sunday night I stay up to watch Logo’s New Now Next videos.  Anyway, all the videos were done by Montreal directors.  I really enjoyed PopCultre by Creature:

We also visited the library at the MACM. OMG! I really think I have picked the right field because every time I walk into I library, I am in complete awe.   I just get so excited and I am so proud of what the library provides for its users.  A quote on the library’s brochure states, “Information has become a work of contemporary art.”  They are not lying.  This library had monographs, serials, catalogs, microfilm, VHS, and DVD.  There were video equipment stations, a few computers and plenty of tables.  It is a pretty great space.

Then we went shopping in the underground city.  Montreal has tons and tons of boutiques underground so the cold winters do not put a damper on everyone’s fashion needs.  Thank gawd.  Montreal is one stylish place, everyone is beautiful and well dressed and really cool because they all smoke [read sarcasm].  Hard core smoke.  Weird, when I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba a few years ago, no one smoked and all the cigarette packs had dead babies on them.  Oh how territories are different…just like states.

All that shopping made us hungry.  Obv.  We stopped at a vegetarian restaurant called Commensal.


It was pretty awesome; it was like an Old County Buffet for vegetarians!

We did some more shopping and then walked back to the B&B to get a little rest before the rest of the night.  

However, we did pass some striking hotel employees, guess it is a good thing we were thinking outside of the box a little when making accommodation reservations.


Off to the Radiohead show.


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One response to “Day 2 in Montreal (still in Canada)

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying Montreal!

    If you are looking for another great Vegetarian Restaurant, you can check out Lola Rosa Cafe (545 Milton, in the McGill University Ghetto) 514.287.9337

    Also, if you want to check out more Creature you may do so at Montreal music site, Sugartune.

    This Native Montrealer if off for a smoke!
    Have Fun.

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