Gaming, even in the collection

Some people celebrate their final class of a degree by having a party or going out to dinner or to the bar.  I celebrated my final class by watching The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters.

Even if you are not really all that into video games, this is a really great film about hardcore gaming, a world that very few are a part of.  I have heard it all before, gaming is a waste, it rots your brain and it is nerdy.  I agree with the nerdy part, and that is why I enjoy the gaming culture.  The strategy behind playing video games, just like a borad game or poker, is intense.

I checked the movie out from the suburban library near I94 (yeah, I know, that library is super rad for having the movie in its collection, but there are tons of really great materials in the collection, obv.) on Friday.  I had a gaming and literacy grant presentation on Saturday and a gaming and literacy paper due on Sunday so I was hoping to watch the movie and use it as a bit of insight for my paper.  Well, that did not happen, I was not able to fit the movie in.  So then thought that I could watch the movie Sunday night, but then I realized I had another paper and presentation I had to prepare for, start, and complete by Wednesday.  So I put the movie off again.  On Monday, on my way from one job to the other, I was listening to the Current with Mary Lucia when she started raving about Fist Full of Quarters.  blah, blah, blah,  so anyway, after having the movie in my possesion for six days I was finally able to watch the wonderfulness.  And I was able to enjoy it due to not having to worry about some homework assignment.  The is pretty intense and pretty wonderful.  I don’t know who wouldn’t like it.


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2 responses to “Gaming, even in the collection

  1. Carleton Place Public Library

    Fabulous movie! And not at all what you’d think. Even if you aren’t a hardcore gamer, this is funny and touching and gets you really rooting for the underdog. Glad you liked it.

  2. I think i would really enjoy that movie. I’m putting it in my Netflix queue as we speak.

    Also, does this mean you’re DONE with your master’s degree? Because that warrants more than merely a leisurely gaze at the TV screen. If you want, we could get drunk enough for me to beat up JKK. Or, we could just get dinner with the SOs and contemplate our navels.

    You know, either way.

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