Little Brother, you better not be Quiet, Please.

I just finished reading two really great books: Little Brother by Cory Docotrow and Quiet Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian by Scott Douglas.  I have been very pleased with my reading selections this summer. 

I just decided today that I don’t really like writing book reviews.  However, if someone wants to pay me, I could probably change my mind about this.  And maybe next week I will feel different about without anyone offering to pay me.  I don’t like writing reviews because I don’t want to persuade or dissuade someone from reading something.  I also realize that a review is not only an opinion but a synopsis of the material.  Therefore, I have linked another resource who can be responsible for making or ruining your day.  When someone asks me how I liked a book, I tend to ask them first if they have read it.  If they have not, I really don’t want to talk about it besides a brief statement of if I liked it or not.  Sometimes I don’t even want to give that much information.  I don’t want to put some preconcieved notion in the reader’s head that they or the author has not.  On the other hand, if ther person has read the book I would love to discuss it with them, hear how they read the book; what they took away from the experience.  I love reading because it is a different experience for each of us.  I really love that.

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