There probably really is a monster under the bed

On Friday at the suburban library near I94, I checked in a documentary called The Weather Undergound.  It was another one of those materials that was meant for me to check out.  Why else would it have come thorugh on the conveyor belt at the same time I was checking in materail at that particular location?   If you are not familiar with the Weatherman organization, I think you should get your self to the library and find out about them.  The Weathermen was a violent revoultionary group attempting to over throw a capitalist U.S. government.  I appreciate the passion of the individuals; however, I do not agree with the means.  As one may notice, the violence brought attention; however, solved nothing.  Solidarity is powerful, but bombing is only distructive.

I find it very coincidental that this organization was brought to my attention only now, the summer before the 2008 RNC.  Is it possible that some of the tactics  used by the Weathermen will be seen in September in St. Paul? 

Something major is going on.  Fertalizer is up from $5 a bag to $19 a bag.  Soybean and corn prices are sky rocketing.  The cost of fuel has practically doubled in the last year.  Ed McMahon is losing his house.  George Carlin and Tim Russert had heart attacks this month.  Arrested Development was discontinued.  There is a Sonic in St. Paul.  The Twins are winning.  Gays are getting married in California (again).  The rain will not stop in Iowa.  Pepsi products are disappearing all over the place.

Really the only thing that can be trusted right now is the library.  If you get your materials back on time, it is totally free.  The library has the information you want and need that everyone else is hiding from you.  The library is the last place you can spend time at, not spend any money and not get in trouble for loittering (if you behave yourself).

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  1. dude1969

    You can watch the documentary (youtube-parts) and read more info on the wather underground here:

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