Sonic, so last week

Tonight on KARE 11 Jana Shortal had some stellar journalistic hubub xiuxiu on Sonic, the drive-in that has been advertising in the Twin Cities for the last 6 years and not until last week was there an actual eatery for us northerners to visit. Last Thursday Karly and I made the trek to Sonic to check it out.  We had heard that there were crazy lines and even a staging area, so we decided to go at an off time, around 3pm.   I think we ended up waiting only 15 minutes in the parking lot a block away before we were allowed to go to the actual stall to order.  We ordered some stuff, something like $15.17 in expectant goodness.  The food came and the roller dude gave us over $5 dollars in change and called it a deal.  Of my 5 mozzarella sticks, only 3 had cheese.  My blended rootbeer float, however, was worth the trip.  I bit in every bite!  I don’t know, I didn’t love it, but I am not saying I won’t go back.  They have a happy hour from 2-4pm I may take advantage of sometime.


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