Books…what are they good for…absolutely everything

Today at the suburban library near I94, there was a little bit of experimenting going on with some new software.  Marty and I were volunteers for testing some new software the library had recently acquired.  I know you are all familiar with the Read posters produced by ALA.  Well as part of the summer reading program a library I know is going to be making a few posters of participants in the reading program as prizes.  So Marty and I had our major photo shoot today.  Please, please get some popcorn ready and check out the beauty below:

Marty’s Shinning Moment.  Stone Fox, its the name of a book.

Marty, really took control of the situation.  Quite the pro!  Everyday should start this way.  Obv.


Another one’s Moment:


Well, I hope you didn’t check your watch too much.  And I hope you noticed how professional the photographer was.  I guess he does this type of stuff all the time.  This is pretty exciting, I am so excited how the library is getting involved with the patrons. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  I also heard today that some of the librarians at the suburban library near I94 are participating in 23 Things on a Stick.  I am so so proud of them!  I thought could feel the revolution approaching.

So this is what the intense photo shoot yielded:

[Nancy Pearl, I hope you notice I am advertising for you, and this is not the first time, hook a sister up]

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