St. Paul, drop it like its hot

Just in case you were not aware, Barak Obama is visiting St. Paul, the Xcel Center to exact.  All day I debated whether or not to go check out the rally.  So on my way home, I decided I would go see what Obama has to say.  Instead of exiting on 7th, I took the 5th St. exit, just to see what was going on outside the Xcel two hours before the Obama was scheduled to speak.  Two hours prior to his speech, 7pm, the doors were scheduled to open.  I  knew it would be busy, but I was impressed with the amount of people in the streets.  The line was out of control, the line was not just down the street, but it was winding through downtown and ending on Roberts St. which is not close.

The video below was taken on the 5th St exit as I was approaching the Xcel Center.  Now this video is by no means George Lucas quality, and keep in mind I am moving, the people are moving and I have a measly flip camera.

So I was pretty impressed.  But then I drove a few more blocks and the line was still there.  All the way down to Alary’s.  There is a revolution taking place!  Lets keep the momentum going!

I think the guy in the green shirt is waving people down to let them know where the beginning of the end of the line is.

Who ever your candidate is, I think it is important to recognize how brilliant it is of the Obama campaign to have his “acceptance” rally in the very city and venue that the NRC will be held.  Smart people running that campaign.  September is going to be an exciting time for the 651 and I hope the green hats are ready!



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