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I woke up early this morning to see what the media was saying about last night.  Obv., I had to check my email, and I found that my inbox was full of mail from youtube, one of my videos I posted last night had over 500 views in less than 12 hours and had 14 comments.  This is very exciting to me.  I have posted the comments below.  Look at what Youtube can do, foster discussion.  Libraries are places that foster discussion as well.  Youtube and libraries can make great partners and hoepfully we will see more of this partnership.  
Some of the comments are a little random, true to life.  Optimists and Pessimists, everyone is searching for info on Obama.  
pequisto (8 hours ago)  
let’s go celebrate a man who just lost by 12 points in South Dakota.


GenesisOfGenepsyde (8 hours ago)  
Damn, do people still live in South Dakota? Haha, I keep forgetting that state actually exists! ROFL!
pequisto (8 hours ago)  
Barack is a fucking loser. Loses South Dakota, and barely winning Montana…on the day he claims the nomination. What a sack of shit
Evid3nc3 (7 hours ago)  
?! He won by more in Montana than Clinton did in South Dakota! Earlier, you said “let’s go celebrate a man who just lost by 12 points in South Dakota.”

Hillary lost by 15 in Montana! 

This is why he has the nomination. Because most of the contests have been like this. She may win in some states but when he wins, he wins by more.

Evid3nc3 (8 hours ago)  
Uhh.. yes and South Dakota was the pivotal battleground state, right? With its bountiful 3 delegates in the national election?
I don’t like being sardonic but you are ignoring the entire other 2118 delegates and 33 states he won. That is why he has the nomination.
pequisto (8 hours ago)  
he won the nomination by stealing Michigan…
Evid3nc3 (8 hours ago)  
stealing? he wasn’t even on the ballot and Clinton wanted to get all the delegates. *that’s* stealing. Obama didn’t even make the decision for him to get Michigan delegates: the DNC did. And he still could have won without them. 

And anyways are you really trying to tell me there is *no one* in Michigan who supports Obama? He deserved some delegates, realistically.

pequisto (8 hours ago)  
he is being rewarded by being given delegates in a state where he took his name off the ballot.
Fuck Obama. Election thief.
Evid3nc3 (7 hours ago)  
*sigh* He took his name off the ballot because he was respecting party rules. Think about it: can you really give me a good self-serving reason for him to take his name off the ballot? How would that possibly give him an advantage. 
The selfish thing to do would have been for him to leave himself on the ballot even though the DNC didn’t want Michigan to vote. That is what Hillary did.
pequisto (7 hours ago)  
 why didn’t BHO take his name off in Florida too?
screw Hussein
Evid3nc3 (7 hours ago)  
I don’t know exactly but I can think of one good reason: after seeing what Hillary did in Michigan, he was afraid that she would pull the same trick in Florida and try to claim all the votes there too.
Remember, there were other candidates than Barrack back in MI and almost all of them, including John Edwards, took there names off the ballot. It was very ambitious and self-serving of her to leave her name on the ballot when the other candidates took their’s off. She was trying to bend the rules
emilybarbar (7 hours ago)  
We have NO evidence that Obama has risked AIDS (i.e – that he is gay). (When Obama was 2 years old, his parents divorced, and his father returned to Kenya.) Obama is in excellent health – He often jogs three miles and has no “excess” body fat. He has a healthy blood pressure of 90 over 60, low cholesterol and a strong heart.
reggaeluv2000 (5 hours ago)  
the people are done speaking this primary season…Obama 08
Onto the election
Barack Obama for president
PIONEER009 (3 hours ago)  

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