Does anyone else wonder what it would be like if JFK would not have been assassinated?

I worked this weekend at the suburban library. One of the things I really appreciate about my job is being able to see what everyone is reading. Obviously there are too many books for one to know about by themselves (unless you are Nancy Pearl) so it I have found patrons to be an unbelievable resource for referrals. I recently finished reading the Madman and the Professor which is pretty much the behind the scenes of the Oxford Dictionary. However, I recently noticed some materials about the 1960’s which lead me to the question that I have used for this entry’s title. Seriously, what would it be like? I really believe we would be in a different place.
This also got me thinking about cycles. There are cycles in clothing fashions, their are ecosystem cycles and weather like cycles. Is it possible for there to be political cycles as well? The 1960’s were loud and powerful; the people were involved and making their voices heard. May this happen again?
Along with JFK’s untimely death, the world also lost other great people such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. Are those losses due to how politically assertive the public had become?

Prior to the 1960’s Alice in Wonderland was made into a movie by Disney in 1951. I just came across a video by Nick Bertke who uses audio mashups from the Disney movie to create a pretty amazing electronic mix!


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One response to “Does anyone else wonder what it would be like if JFK would not have been assassinated?

  1. Your segues are hilarious.

    In other news, there’s quite a bit of scholarship around political cycling and I think you’re on the right track when you think that things MUST be changing for the better. Even if we aren’t talking about huge cycles, like JFK to now, you can look within each election cycle and see that United States-ians get pissed with the regime and move on pretty steadily. Like, think Reagan/Bush in the 1980s and early 1990s. People got pissed with the way the economy was going, got pissed at the way international security issues, were being handled, pissed at plenty of other stuff. So, they went ahead and elected BillyC to change it. Then, when he was around for too long with too many scandals, they switched to The Dumber Bush. This cycling theory is what I cling to in realizing that Obama will be the Democratic Candidate.

    Who’s death do you think had the biggest impact on American Policy? I vote Bobby Kennedy over JFK and MLK, mostly because he was a legitimate agent for change that looked like he was willing and able to actually do something.

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