Vegan Potluck = Twin Cities Terrorist

I am really excited for the Republican National Convention to make its way to St Paul in September.  I feel so fortunate to live 6 blocks from the excitement that will take place at the Xcel Center and surrounding establishments.  However, I am slightly disappointed that the FBI has not contacted me yet to be a spy for them.  I guess I don’t have the look.

What is even more perfect is that the MN State Fair will be going on at the very same time.  It really is too bad that the RNC is not being held at the fair.  I mean there are pigs, mullets, and beer; everything that the RNC is already familiar with.

What is really cool is how the RNC has caused the City of St. Paul to partner with Humana Inc. health insurance company in conjunction with the Bikes Belong cycling advocacy group which will provide 1,000 bikes for the public to use.  70 of those bikes will stay in St. Paul after the convention.  I will be on the prowl to see who is really using the bikes.  Will the suits be using the bikes?  Its really too bad a credit card is necessary to use a bike; this may prevent users that really need to use the bikes.   Each bike will be associated to a “meter” that the user will need a credit card to access; kind of like a deposit.  Once the bike is returned, the “charge” is removed from the credit card.  Basically, if the user returns the bike within 24 hours, the use is free.  Totally awesome. 

Some other really fun stuff will be happening as well, I am sure of it.  I have heard several rumors, but I am not the gossip queer, so I will wait to make sure I am spreading the truth.  This fall will be a really exciting time to be in St. Paul.

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One response to “Vegan Potluck = Twin Cities Terrorist

  1. Do you know how I can be one of those lawyer-protector people that Mucha was telling me about? You know how I love to oversee things.

    Also, totally agreed about the bikes. Awesome, but also a bummer that the folks that actually might use/need them won’t be able to access. I guess you gotta watch out for stealing somehow. Stupids thieves ruin everything.

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