Rice to 15th in 45 minutes, not good, but did it

This morning at 6am I departed Lower Town on an orange bicycle and headed for the University of Minnesota.  I made my way to the State Capitol and University and Rice and continued down University Ave for the rest of my Journey.  A couple of gradual grade inclines, but mostly flat poorly paved street took me to my destination.  I passed 37 various Asian Restaurants, 2 plasma centers, and 1 library.  There were not as many distinct smells as I thought there would be; fresh bread, fresh tar, fried eggs, and Burger King, that was about it.  I followed one bus the entire trip, passed 2 bicyclists, had only about 20 cars pass me.  University Ave at 6am, not too exciting. 

That bike is so so great!  The approroximetly 45 minute ride was a great way to start out the day.

I am starting my return trip at about 11am today.  I am going to take a different path home.  First along the East River Road, past the Devil House to St Kates to pick up a text book I need for class next week.  I can’t believe I had  a 2 week break for summer and it is already over, awesome.  From there I think I will ride down Summit or Grand to Downtown St. Paul.  As for now the sun is still out and I am ready to pedal again.

I have 2 years to train, but one of my bicycle goals is to go bicycle camping with Kate.

[image from Coversations, etc.]



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2 responses to “Rice to 15th in 45 minutes, not good, but did it

  1. Yess! I’ll work on a daily calisthenics routine in my ger to gear up.

  2. marthathelibrarian1

    My husband completed the Ironman 100 in Lakeville a couple of weeks back – in the snow! Oh how I wish I had the self discipline…I think I will just sit here on the sofa with book in hand…under a blanket…with a glass of wine on the side….


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