A few times a week, I make the trek from the inner depths of Minneapolis and St Paul to a library in the foreign lands of a well known suburb off of Interstate 94 . I like to joke that I, the kid from St. Paul, help the people of the suburbs get their books.
Recently, this library that I visit, created a new display in honor of “April 15th.”

Please notice the two cutout images, well actually, who cares about the dude on the left. Please focus your attention to the womyn on the right. Even if you can’t stand her, everyone knows who Suze Orman is. In August of 2006, on a road trip to Michigan I listened to an audio book of hers, Young, Fabulous and Broke. Think what you may, but she has some really practical ideas. And you know she is fun to listen to.
Then in March of 2007, we found out that Suze Orman was going to be at the MOA. Obviously we took this opportunity to get a little closer to the guru. You see, Mucha’s mom really looks up to Suze Orman, and shares her advice with us all the time. So it made sense to get a book autographed for her. We also thought it would be nice to get a photo of the occasion. Since Mucha’s mom was not able to join us, we brought a picture of her to hold up in our photo.

And now in April 2008, Suze is back in my life one more time.  Not only is there a display in THE library, but I also gained some behind the scenes info on the display.  You see, the display was inspired by this clip

SNL – Suze OrmanClick here for the most popular videos

Suze Orman, you have fans in the land of mini vans and matching track suits!

Even librarians have a sense of humor!



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