I’m starting with the womyn in the mirror, I’m asking her to change her ways, and no post could have been any clearer, if you wanna make the library a better place, take a look at yourself and then make the change

It has been two days since LIS7680 ended. I needed this time to let everything I learned and experienced marinate a bit. Of all the education I have engaged in to this point, L2, has really changed my life. I have had my fill of theory (Womyn’s Studies degree here). I am ready to practice. Yay for Practical Skills! L2 provided me with tools I can implement daily. Who would have thought. Sure, there will be topics, ideas, things that will be discarded, but there is an even longer list that will thrive with this student.

As for ideas to make the course better/different, my suggestion is to have the paper abstract blog assigned earlier in the class. I found that once I made the post, I received feed back and referrals to information I had not yet used. However, I received this comment the day my paper was due. I think it would be great to utilize the blogging assignment as a form of networking;a dialogue, or at least provide the space and time for this to occur.

After this class, I am ready to call up VH1 to let them know that the LIS7680 students had the Best Week Ever!

Below are a few images of or gaming discussion. Some of the pictures may look blurry, but I assure you that you are actually looking at intense action.

This was an amazing class and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved. I feel so strongly that I would recommend LIS7680 be added to the core classes. If this were the case, students would have the opportunity to use the skills learned in this particular class through out the program, just as the idea behind 701, 703, and 704.


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