This is my paper topic and hopefully I am sticking with it

This will come as no surprise, but the topic I will be researching is weblogs, also known to many as blogs.  Blogging is one of the several revolutionary tools that are going to keep libraries engaged with their users as well as internal staff.  As blogging becomes more and more popular with the help of MySpace, BlogSpot and WordPress and websites such as The Drudge Report, Perez Hilton and The Huffington Post, it will be important for libraries to get involved and stay involved with what users are interested in.  My paper will primarily explore the different viewpoints of blogging and blogging in libraries, what blogging has done for libraries and what libraries are doing for blogging.  I will also compare a few different types of blogs as there is more than one style….gasp!


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  1. mary obrien

    Hello Wanda
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip I am so glad to hear it. I also wanted to let you know that my sister wrote her masters thesis on using blogging in the classroom. If you wanted to talk to her about it I could connect you guys. other than that i hope st paul is treating you well

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