Sally Kern’s not going to fade this card carrier’s rainbow


I am sure you have all heard about Sally Kern, the Oklahoma Represenative and her hating ways.  Just in case, check out this video for part of Kern’s speech as well as Ellen’s response.

I think it is also important to know  that Represenative Kern has been hating on the gays when it comes to library collections too.  Gays and libraries are two of my favorite things.  The ALA has some more info if you are interested. This did not pass, thankfully, Sally Kern does not have as many friends as she thinks.

I am not one to spread rumors, but I also heard from a dear friend of mine whom I have never met, Perez Hilton, that Kern has a gay son.  This time I am going to hate the player as well as the game.



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2 responses to “Sally Kern’s not going to fade this card carrier’s rainbow

  1. Please sign the petition to get Sally Kern out of Office, add to your blog, forward to all your friends!

  2. Lewis Routh

    When the Nazi SS began their condemnation of the Jews, it led to ostracization, which led to confining their numbers (in Ghettos), and eventually to Adolph Eichman’s concept of the FINAL SOLUTION: Eradication.

    When the Honorable Representative Sally Kern addressed her public with her rhetoric likening the homosexual to a cancer which needs to be removed before it spreads and destroys, this is beyond “Hate Speech” and becomes the very act which determined Adolph Eichman guilty of Crimes Against Humainty.

    She should not only be censured; but forced to resign and her views and statements portrayed as completely and utterly unacceptable for a public official who represents ALL the people not merely the ones who share her limited, bigoted perspective.

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