Don’t you wish your bookcase was hot like mine? Dontcha?

Who doesn’t love a good, sexy bookcase?


Staircase Bookcase


 If I ever own a home that has stairs in it, this is what you will see.  Pretty much brilliant.



 My kids will for sure have something like this.  I may do a few alterations such as mounting a flat panel monitor at eye level for gaming and or some other kind of brief visual stimulation.

 Carlton Bookcase 


I would like to put a fish bowl in the top square.  If this were my bookshelf, I think I would go with one color.  The shelving is already pretty busy, one standard color may help.  When I say standard, I mean silver with glitter.  Sparkles and books; M.I.A. would definitely approve.

Bathtub Bookcase


I really enjoy the idea for this one.  I worry about hte back rest.  What material is on the other side?  Am I going to burn myself when I rest my back on that metal?  Maybe there is some kind of emblem on the front that when heated and applied to skin leaves a mark.  Maybe I could get it customized. Overall, I do not hate this concept.


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2 responses to “Don’t you wish your bookcase was hot like mine? Dontcha?

  1. umm…I have an embarrassing confession. I meant to tell you last Sunday but I felt a bit shuffled with the crowd as I was leaving and didn’t get a chance to tell you. It was not a crowd worthy confession.

    and also, as you can see, I found your blog.

  2. I have promised myself that at some point in my life I will have a library/study with bookshelves that require one of those ladders on a little track. It’s gonna be awesome..

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