John McCain, YouTube is after you!

So a few weeks ago collaborated with other big names to make a video for Barak Obama.  Regardless of the candidate you are championing for, this video is pretty amazing.  YouTube is blowing up, making and breaking people. With YouTube, anyone with access to a $90 camera can be heard around the world.   And now this week a new video came out on YouTube.  It follows’s Barak idea.  Parodies all over the place!  John McCain, YouTube is out to get you.



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3 responses to “John McCain, YouTube is after you!

  1. Lindsey

    this is kind of really funny. i saw the original a few weeks ago… maybe obama will have chocolate rain guy as his running mate… or “leave britney alone” guy.

  2. that was freakin’ awesome.

    sort of sucks you in, eh?

  3. Mary Knox

    Then the parodies get even stranger. Check out “I like turtles”

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